The Cancer Full Moon is deepening emotional security.  At the peak of the lunar cycle, the full moon is emotional and often reactive. It reflects hidden aspects of yourself and insights into what wants to be resolved. There is also a sense of closure and completion. It’s seeking freedom from emotional dramas, distress and completion of lessons learned.

Cancer Full Moon
Emotions are applified with the Cancer Full Moon, because the moon rules Cancer. This full moon is helping you clear the clutter of past emotional wounds and insecurities, helping you align with what helps you feel emotional secure.  Hint… it’s not anything outside of you, it’s finding emotional security within through faith and trust in your higher self. Emotional security is the “place” you feel safe and at home.

This is a great full moon to reflect on relationships that nurture and build you up, and which ones tear you down. Perhaps you’re noticing co-dependent relationships or unhealthy ones. This is a perfect time set and maintain stronger boundaries that honor your emotional wellbeing. Honor yourself and tune into what and who helps you feel nurtured and loved (including self-love).

The Cancer Full Moon also relates to family. The Sun and Moon opposite each other are at a T-square with Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries. You may be resolving old family wounds and patterns. With this square there may be insights into your specific core wounds, and steps you can take to reclaim your power. With the holidays you may feel triggered by family. Since there is a heightened polarity, it’s important to honor yourself by responding differently. The old ways of doing things are clinging to an outdated reality. To shift old patterns, stay true to yourself take a couple of deep breathes to center yourself, and simply walk away if necessary. You always have the choice to disengage from conflict by simply responding differently.

As the New Year quickly approaches, embrace new cosmic energy, be as fearless as possible. Look to new solutions to solve old issues and conflicts to bring in unity and harmony. Nothing serves you better than using your tools to restore calmness and peace. You may be tested at the Cancer Full Moon, so get ready with your tools.

The Cancer Full Moon takes place on December 29, 2020 at 10:28 pm ET (7:28 pm PT) when the sun and moon are opposite each other. The Cancer Full Moon will bring to light what is true and false. Be open to letting go of the voice in your head and trusting your heart to do what’s right for you. Cancer also opens you up for greater compassion, empathy, nurturing and love. Tune into your heart and expand feelings of love for yourself and others.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are aligning you with new perspectives and solutions for old problems. Aquarius relates to humanity and creating a new vision for the collective future, where the past year these two planets were focused on breaking down the government and regulations. There is a demand for more freedom for the people! There is a restlessness that will build over the next couple of months. It may feel uneasy as the old systems continue to unravel, creating space for something new. See how this affecting your personal world too. It’s an opportunity for transformation! Tune into tools that help you feel balanced and grounded such as meditation, journaling, walking in nature, yoga, essential oils, breath work, etc.

The transformation taking place during the Cancer Full Moon is wraping up a year that created permanent changes (Capricorn). This past year has been a grind! Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn over the past year have really shaken things up. This is an awesome opportunity to review how you’ve grown. What have you been able to release? What are you still clinging too? This is a perfect time of year to reflect on what you’ve mastered. What does that look like for the New Year?

Pluto continues to grind through Capricorn, creating permanent changes, transformation and revealing truth of what’s been hidden – not only in yourself but what’s been hidden by others, such as authority figures and governments. It’s asking you to align with integrity and truth. Are you taking responsibility for your actions?  There’s no more finger pointing, it’s simply time to call everyone and everything out. There are deep revelations that take place, affirming your spiritual growth and mastery. Celebrate you and what you’ve mastered this year!

Take time to journal about emotions and situations that trigger you. Be intune with the situations and people who help you feel secure versus ones that don’t.

Emotions are running high with this watery Cancer Full Moon. It’s help you restructure your life and let go of what no longer works. It’s important to sit with transitions and how they’re affecting you emotionally.  Create a sanctuary where you can disconnect from outer chaos and center yourself. This can be an actual place or a routine that balances you, pulling  you inward into your heart space. Use these journal prompts to help you flush out the emotions that are ready to release and stand in your power.

The Sun and Mercury in Capricorn are helping you make BIG announcements for the New Year. What are your personally proclaiming for it? With so much energy pushing you into a New You, it’s easy to be resistant. There’s an inclination to gravitate to what is familiar and normal. Yet, to get something different you need to BE someone different. Your soul is calling. Dare to embrace uncertainty. Stand on the edge of the cliff, and Surrender!  The Sun in Capricorn is supporting you in building a new foundation and the structures to get you there. Notice what is transitioning with the Cancer moon and Capricorn Sun. How are you processing the information? What fears can you lean into and build confidence in the next step? Where are you being inspired to change?

Manifest Your Future
This full moon is helping you see a new direction.  On the cusp of the New Year, what are you willing to leave behind?  This end of year full moon is giving you courage, and helping you create emotional security by tuning into your higher consciousness for inspired action, truth, and personal leadership. It’s making room for fresh perspectives on the intentions you set six months ago with the Cancer New Moon. Revisit your goals and see what you’ve accomplished. Where are you ready to take the next step?

Shifting Reality
With so many permanent and serious changes taking place in your life and the world, it makes sense to turn to astrology to review how this affecting you.

Pull your astrology birth chart with transits to determine what areas of your life are being impacted.  What astrology House does it fall in for you? How does that relate to inner prompting you’re noticing? What outward influences are providing insight?

What tools best serve you to restore and maintain balance?

Here are my top four recommendations:

  1. Spend time everyday in meditation /breath work (at least 15 minutes)
  2. Express appreciation for what you already have (raises your vibe)
  3. Use essential oils to maintain emotional balance
  4. Cultivate a sense of presence in everything you do


Prepare for the New Year
It’s here, it’s here!  As you start the New Year, contemplate who you want to become and what you want to achieve in the New year. Let go of the past, fears and rite your new future with confidence and conviction. Celebrate the growth you’ve achieved and prepare for your next step.

What goals are coming to fruition with the Cancer Full Moon?

What will you do Release with the Cancer Full Moon?

What part of you are you Reclaiming?

Happy Full Moon!

Happy New Year and New You!