Gemini New Moon

Illuminated thoughts come to life with the Gemini New Moon.  New ideas, thoughts and solutions are highlighted with the Gemin New Moon – Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse is a bit of a wild card, presenting opportunities for quantum jumps in your consciousness and goals. It’s a great time to revise your goals and see what new insight comes to mind to upgrade them. Each New Moon helps plant new seeds and supports you as you move through the astrology houses. It’s an opportunity to set new intentions, begin new projects and expand existing ones.

New Perspective

The Gemini New Moon is encouraging you to look at things in a new light. Because this new moon is also a Solar Eclipse, it is a super charged new moon. So get ready to set some amazing goals. The Gemini New Moon takes place on June 10, 2021 at 6:52 am ET (3:52 am PT).

Gemini rules communication, the mind and mental energy, how you think and speak, it also rules teaching, learning and social interactions. With this super charged new moon, you may have new insights into the direction you want to move and have significant ideas that get you started towards your goals.

Mercury (retrograde) in Gemini is literally stealing the show. It’s almost conjunct the sun and moon, and rules Gemini. Where Gemini is usually a quick on it’s feet energy, Mercury retrograde is slowing things down. It’s helping you process information and communicate a new message. Mercury is causing you to reassess, revise, rewire and reconsider information.

Gemini rules your mind.  It helps you create something in your mind before it manifests in the physical. It’s fast acting energy may feel over-stimulating and overwhelming. Ideas may be firing so quickly it’s hard to keep up. With Mercury in the mix, there is an opportunity to re-visit ideas or projects. This new moon feels like a reboot – perhaps around something that took place a year ago. There may be additional information or insight that shows a better way. The Moon is close to the North Node, providing insight into where you’re moving in the future. With this happening at the new moon, it may feel like a fresh start in a specific area of your life. Review your chart to see what House this is happening for you to get clarity.

Neptune in Pisces is at a square (90 degrees) of the Sun and Moon. Neptune keeps some things hidden. With it at a square you may feel you don’t have all the details or information you need to make a decision. Neptune in Pisces is asking you to trust your intuition (Pisces) and gut instincts instead of trusting your mind (Gemini). You may “feel” like you should move in one direction when your head is telling you a different story. Trust your intuition! In the long run this is the guidance from your higher-self. You may intuitively “know” the answer, but try to override it with logic and reason. Don’t! Listen to you inner voice and follow the guidance you’re sensing.

The New Moon/Eclipse is powerful!  This will be the last eclipse in Gemini for nine years. With Mercury slowing down it’s typical mental energy, think about what you really want. Even if you “think” it’s what you want, tune into repeating messages and insight coming up around you. This may be guiding you in a different direction.

If you’ve been doing deep healing work, this New Moon may be especially powerful in helping you hold and anchor more light within your body. What does that mean? It supports you in consistently holding a higher vibration. You’re less impacted by chaos around you and feel more peaceful in general with your life. This New Moon/Eclipse may support you in taking quantum leaps in your energy field, supporting you in manifesting the life you want. So keep doing the deep healing work. You’re being rewarded for it now. Simply by holding a higher vibe you’re offsetting people around you that operate at a lower vibe. It’s making a difference in the evolution and ascension of humanity.

Other Astrology Influences

Saturn in Aquarius will be at an exact square with Uranus in Taurus on June 14th. Because Saturn is retrograde, Uranus has the upper hand in this square. Uranus in Taurus is helping you tune into what you value most. It’s helping you see beauty around you and create something beautiful.

Uranus is the higher-mind. It’s helping you align with what you want most. This may include letting go of the old way of doing things or seeing things from a new perspective. Be objective and observe what’s taking place for you. Trust your heart and follow guidance that supports what you want most. For example, I value my time and what flexibility and freedom to have the time to do the things I love – spending time with my girls and friends, digging in the garden, playing tennis, practicing yoga, hiking mountains, walking on the beach, running with my dog, creating fairy gardens. What do you value most? What will help you create the flexibility to get more of it?

Mars, in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn (retrograde) have been opposing each other. This may create a power struggle with others or even within yourself. Mars is helping see what you’re moving towards and want to take action on, while Pluto is reflecting what is ready to be resolved so you can move forward. Be open to what is transitioning for you and face any fears.

Take time to slow down, quiet your mind, journal or do other activites that help you align with your inner voice. Set your Gemini goals from a heart-centered place. The effects and energy of this Gemini eclipse will be in play for the next six months.

Where is the Gemini New Moon taking place for you? Pull your astrology birth chart with transits to see what House 20 degrees of Gemini falls in for you. This will help you fine tune your goals and align more deeply with this powerful Gemini Eclipse portal.

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Practice being mindful – shifting lower vibrating ones to higher thoughts, managing your emotions, breathing deeply and being present. These simple tools shift your awareness and raise your vibe.

Tune into your intuition.
Be flexible and malleable to whatever is transitioning.
You may receive insight into how to pivot and manifest your goals.

What goals will you set with the Gemini New Moon / Solar Eclipse?

Happy Gemini New Moon!