Leo New Moon – Ignite Your Momentum!

The Leo New Moon is helping you Ignite Your Momentum! It’s boosting your courage and helping you step into your magnificance. Leo as a fire sign, helps you take action. You may have insight on what you want to do next, and Leo helps you get things going. What lights you up? What are you ready to move forward with? Use this powerful, heart-centered Leo energy to support you on a deep level. Each new moon provides a time for new beginnings and planting your seeds of intention. Use this new moon to trust your heart and create something amazing.

Review your astrology birth chart to see where 6 degrees of Leo is at in your chart. What astrology House does it fall in for you? Each new moon begins a new lunar cycle and provides a clean slate for the cycle so that you set your intentions based upon the astrology house it is falling in for you.


The Leo New Moon helps you bring your ideas onto center stage. Leo is the archetype of the actor. It is courageous, helping you take risks and let your light shine. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which fuels your heart and solar plexus, giving you power to take the next step. It is brave and bold boosting your confidence to take whatever action is necessary.

The Leo New Moon takes place on July 28, 2022 at 1:34 pm ET (10:34 am PT). As a fire sign, Leo is lifting you up and encouraging you to stand in your power. As the lead character of your life, this is a powerful energy to embrace and align with what you want to create most. In addition to the sun and moon in Leo, there is a strong supportive cast with Jupiter (in Aries) and the North Node, Uranus and Mars (in Taurus). The sun and moon at a trine with Jupiter brings in a positive boost to your new moon goals. Jupiter is Igniting your passions, helping take them to the next level. It helps you expand your perceptions and sense of self in Aries. You may feel more empowered with the Jupiter and Leo energy supporting you. Your ideas may be taking flight as inspiration and courage fuel you ractions, creating momentum. Review your astrology birth chart to determine where the Sun and Moon are transitioning through your birth chart along with Jupiter in Aries. With all of these planets in fire signs, you may be Igniting your life in a big way.

leo new moon, astrology, manifesting, new moon manifesting, manifest, manifestation

leo new moon, astrology, manifesting, new moon manifesting, manifest, manifestation

leo new moon, astrology, manifesting, new moon manifesting, manifest, manifestation

Ignite Your Momentum

With Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, there is an opportunity for personal healing and accelerated growth. Both Chiron and Jupiter are retrograde, helping you dive deep into fears and limiting beliefs you are holding onto. Use this energy to revisit and resolve emotional wounds so that you Align with what you want most. Use the Sun and Moon in Leo to tune into your heart’s desires. Journal about what the perfect life would look like and feel like. Be playful and childlike, being curious about the “what ifs.”

The planets in Taurus – North Node, Uranus and Mars are helping you Align with what you value. They are striping away what is out of alignment with where you are going and growing. Taurus also relates to your sense of worth. With Uranus here, there is an awakening on a deeper level to your true worth and value. So much of value has been based upon what one is paid, which is another characteristic of Taurus. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, there is a heightened sense of aligning with what you love. Once you determine what you love, the Leo Sun and Moon help you magnify it. The conjunction with these planets in Taurus are helping you honor yourself by stepping into your true power and sense of self.

With these transitions there may be a sense of loss as old patterns, perceptions and people are moving away from you. This is necessary to make room for the new you and the people, places and opportunities that take your life to the next level.

Other Astrology Influences

Jupiter, the Sun & Moon – Jupiter is at a Trine with the Sun and Moon. It is expanding your ideas and adding fuel to get them into action. With all of these planets in fire signs, there is movement and creating momentum.

Uranus, North Node, Mars & Mercury – are creating dramatic changes to your thoughts, ideas and direction. Mercury is at a square with Uranus, the North Node and Mars. Mercury and Uranus both relate to ideas and inspiration. Mercury  is the human mind, where Uranus is the higher mind of God. Because Uranus is the rebel and creates dramatic changes, you may have new inspiration or receive clarity that takes you in a new direction.

Uranus, North Node & Mars – are conjunct in Taurus. There is a deeper awakening to your value and worth taking place with this conjunction. There is a sense of restlessness with Mars wanting to take action and Uranus being the destroyer. It is aligning you with your higher perspectives and opening your life in a new way. Be mindful of what is transitioning. Listen to your inner guidance and trust your gut instincts. Uranus supports you in taking quantum leaps towards your goals. It is disruptive and breaks apart elements of your life that are not aligned with your highest good.  This conjunction will push your goals and dreams forward in a positive way. Make sure you stay out of your own way so you stop limiting progress. Things may turn out better than you think.\

Venus in Cancer – is helping you tune into your intuition of what your heart wants most. This is enhancing the Sun and Moon in Leo by helping you bypass your mind and get clarity on a deep level. It is helping you let go of other people’s expectations and old programming so that you align with what you want most.

New Moon Masterclass

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Each month we offer additional insights into the new moon with a live masterclass. During the masterclass you’ll learn how to work with the new moon energy, attune with the natural lunar rhythms, and finish the class up with a guided imagery meditation to magnetize your new moon intentions. The Masterclass is offered through Zoom. Register below and get the link for the upcoming class.

Leo New Moon Masterclass

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Raise Your Vibe!

Use the recommended resources below to support you in releasing fears, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. Review your astrology birth chart to determine how this New Moon is affecting you, and join us for the New Moon Masterclass and Meditation to learn more about this New Moon and how to Manifest everything you want.

You deserve all the wealth and abundance the world has to give. You are a Magnetic being, and attract to you what vibration you send out. By raising your vibe, you easily attract all the good stuff you want. Abundance flows to you with ease, in unexpected ways, and frequently. Be open and allow yourself to receive.

new moon manifesting, astrology, essential oils

pisces new moon manifesting, astrology, empowerment, personal growth
pisces new moon, essential oils, manifesting, spiritual growth

Tune into your Heart and what you love.

Expand your ideas and get them out there.

Be courageous and take the next step.

Happy Leo New Moon!