Virgo New Moon – Homecoming

The Virgo New Moon provides a sense of Homecoming and reconnecting with your physical body. As an earth sign, Virgo supports you in restoring or beginning healthy habits. It reminds you to take care of yourself and tune into what fuels your body and mind. It reminds you to set up your day so you serve yourself first, then you’ll be more prepared to navigate the world.

Each New Moon begins a new lunar cycle. It provides a clean slate for starting new projects and setting intentions. How does this new moon affect you? Review your astrology birth chart to see where 4 degrees of Virgo is at in your chart. What astrology House does it fall in for you?


The Virgo New Moon helps restore routines and daily habits. It helps shake off the lazy days of summer and get ready to work. There is a reminder to get back to the basics. Virgo helps you be aware of your daily work, your health habits and responsibilities. Virgo affects how you care for yourself. This could be related to improving your physical health, nutrition, exercise and mental health. It’s an important time to care for your personal energy.

The Virgo New Moon takes place on August 27, 2022 at 4:16 am ET (1:16 am PT). As an earth sign, Virgo reminds you to care for your physical world. It helps you tune into the details that are important and focus on the action steps. The fall is also the time for harvesting. The Virgo New Moon is a great time to reflect on your progression and spiritual growth. Look back at where you were a year ago and how you have transformed. It’s easy to think you’re not moving until you review where you’ve been.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which may cause you to overthink and overanalyze. It’s important to be mindful of your thoughts so they stay aligned with where you want to go versus recounting all the “would haves and should haves.” Be kind to yourself. Even if you’re not as far along as you would like, focus on the process, not the destination.

virgo new moon, astrology, essential oils

virgo new moon, astrology, essential oils

virgo new moon, astrology, essential oils

New Habits

Whether you are looking to upgrade your physical health or mental game, Virgo helps you get back on track. Any success is heavily driven by the mental game. About 80% of success is dependent on the inner game. In my newly released book, Goddesspreneur Game Plan available on Amazon, I wrote about the importance of shifting your mindset with affirmations and other tools to manage your mind and get different results. Every successful person has had to overcome mental obstacles to achieve their goals.

Virgo helps you realign with what is important. With Saturn and Uranus squaring off again, there is a cleaning process, purging the old (Saturn) and ushering in new energy (Uranus). This could be a significant shift where you are letting go of something or gaining a new perspective about yourself. Where are you feeling a sense of relief and unraveling taking place in your life?

Virgo helps you dive into the details of what you want to do next. It helps you take the daily steps and habits that create long term results. In my new book, I talk extensively about how to structure your day to boost productivity and master your mind. This is a great time to map out the rest of the year, and develop a plan for success.

Discover where this New Moon is affecting you. Pull your astrology birth chart with transits to determine where these planets are influencing your life.

Other Astrology Influences

Mars, the Sun & Moon – Mars is filled with ideas and inspiration in Gemini. It’s at a square with the Sun and Moon, that may cause frustration. The Sun and Moon in Virgo look at the process and the steps necessary to make something happen, where Mars may want to jump in without a plan, and figure it out. The sun/moon in Virgo are methodical, assessing the best approach and process to take the next steps. Mercury is softening this square off.

Mercury & Mars – are making a Trine, providing support and easing the tension with the Sun/Moon and Mars. Mercury in Libra helping you take your ideas and get feedback from others before taking action. Mercury may be easing the frustration Mars may be experiencing with the Sun/Moon, helping you gain clarity and exploring options. However, Mercury is preparing to go retrograde, providing a time to revise, revisit and rethink things.

Venus & Saturn – are opposite each others. Venus in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius and may be stopping plans or restructuring the timing of something. Saturn is putting restrictions on all things Venus such as your values, money and what you want to move forward with. Saturn is slowing down the timing, which may be frustrating.

Venus, Uranus & North Node – are at a square. There is a shift taking place related to your values and money. Venus in Leo rules Taurus, and Uranus and the North Node are in Taurus. There may be surprising changes in your values. You may be letting go of something you deeply valued in the past, but it seems to no longer hold the same importance. You may be surprised (Uranus) with your ability to let go.

New Moon Masterclass

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Each month we offer additional insights into the new moon with a live masterclass. During the masterclass you’ll learn how to work with the new moon energy, attune with the natural lunar rhythms, and finish the class up with a guided imagery meditation to magnetize your new moon intentions. The Masterclass is offered through Zoom. Register below and get the link for the upcoming class.

Virgo New Moon Masterclass

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Raise Your Vibe!

Use the recommended resources below to support you in releasing fears, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. Review your astrology birth chart to determine how this New Moon is affecting you, and join us for the New Moon Masterclass and Meditation to learn more about this New Moon and how to Manifest everything you want.

You deserve all the wealth and abundance the world has to give. You are a Magnetic being, and attract to you what vibration you send out. By raising your vibe, you easily attract all the good stuff you want. Abundance flows to you with ease, in unexpected ways, and frequently. Be open and allow yourself to receive.

new moon manifesting, astrology, essential oils

pisces new moon manifesting, astrology, empowerment, personal growth
pisces new moon, essential oils, manifesting, spiritual growth

Tune into your Body needs and what helps you feel healthy.

Reconnect and develop daily healthy habits to support you.

Align your daily action steps with your goals to achieve them.

Happy Virgo New Moon!