The Libra Full Moon reveals information about relationships. it reflects how you’re relating to yourself and others, helping you see how to adapt to create more harmony and balance. Each Full Moon illuminates areas of your life where you’re unaware of your behavior and emotions that hold you back for achieving and receiving more. It helps you breakthrough limitations by highlighting the blind spots so you can make adjustments.

Libra Super Full Moon
The airy Libra energy seeks balance. It represents justice, compassion, and forgiveness. The full moon highlights imbalances, helping you find solutions to relate to others better. The Libra Full Moon takes place on March 20, 2019 at 9:43 pm ET (6:43 pm PT).  This Full Moon is supercharged , it’s a Super Moon because it’s closer to the earth, creating a much stronger gravitational pull on the ocean’s tides and our psyche. Emotions will be intensified and big shifts are happening.

Harmonize Your Life
Harmony is the theme of the Libra Full Moon. Since the full moon stirs up emotions it’s important to what you are feeling and how you are responding.  Relationship issues may come to a head with the Libra and Aries axis. There is a need for balance between the your personal needs with the sun in Aries, and the needs of the relationships with the moon in Libra. Communication with others may be jumbled up as Mercury is retrograde. Slow down when communicating messages to make sure they are being received as intended.

When working with relationships it’s important to understand your feelings about them so you’re not swung out of balance by your emotions. Relationships work best when both people learn to balance power and stop power struggles. This means you’re not taking power from others or letting others take power from you. Whenever there is conflict in the relationship, both you and your partner connect with your higher power, asking for guidance and support for the best way to resolve the issue.  This removes the ego and the “need to dominate” that often keep relationships unhealthy and dissatisfying.

The Libra Full provides an opportunity to reclaim your power. You may see how you’ve given your power away and have insight on how to take it back. You may need to set stronger boundaries or say no. Even conflict gives you the opportunity to respond differently. Review who and what is triggering you with this full moon so you honor what wants to be resolved.  Uses these journal prompts to help you identify imbalances and have direction towards your emotional healing.

Personal Re-commitment!
The airy Libra energy is helping you attune to your personal needs and how you relate to others. To learn how this full moon specifically affects you, pull your astrology birth chart with “transits” to see what House Libra is falling in for you. This will provide insight into how to navigate this full moon.

To enhance your healing, Neptune (dreaming) is moving through Pisces along with Mercury retrograde (communication), helping you up your spiritual game and be more compassionate. It’s giving new perspective about yourself and your spiritual practice. Neptune is the planet of the spiritual growth, observation, daydreaming, and fantasy. It brings to light areas of your life that you may need to dream bigger, and fantasize about the life you really want to create. With Neptune in Pisces there may be questions related to the spiritual programming you were raised with, and letting go of anything that no longer serves you. It’s helping you align with Universal truth.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces is helping you review what you’ve been healing for the past seven years. It’s moving towards Neptune helping you reconnect with your dreams and inspire new ideas towards following your purpose. With the Full Moon you may have flashes of insight related to a higher perspective of spiritual truth.  You may experience glimpses of your purpose or ideas that move you closer to what brings you joy. Review your birth chart with transits to see what House Libra is located so you attune these energies to support you.

What will you do Release with the Libra Full Moon?

What parts of youself will you Reclaim?

Happy Libra Full Moon!