Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon, yes we have a second Aquarius Full Moon, is taking place at the last degree of Aquarius. There’s a sense of Emotional Graduation with this Full Moon. It’s emphasizing the Air (Aquarius, Libra & Gemini) areas of your chart. The opposing forces of the Sun and Moon are helping you tune into what’s most important to you (Leo) and what emotional lessons you’ve mastered (Aquarius). You may be feeling a sense of closure in some area of your life. There could be a sense of momentum. The full moon activates the emotional body. Notice what emotions and areas of your life are being triggered with the Full Moon. It’s reflecting where you need to focus your attention.

Highlighting Truths

The Aquarius Full Moon is perhaps highlighting some truths or area of your life you haven’t noticed before. Aquarius is also passionate about freedom and breaking free from any place you’ve felt opressed. This Full Moon may be pushing you out of your comfort zone and supporting you in moving in the direction you want. Aquarius represents the “future” you. What is pulling at you?  Aquarius is supporting you in discovering this change.

The Aquarius Full Moon takes place on  August 22, 2021 at 8:01 am ET (5:01 am PT).  The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle. It highlights your life and the direction you should move. The Full Moon represents completion or a culmination of your efforts. Review your birth chart to see where this is the Aquarius Full Moon is taking place for you.

The moon is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter is helping you see how you’ve emotionally grown (moon) and how perceptions have expanded (Jupiter) over the past year. Review the past eight months and notice what has changed for you. There has been a strong Aquarian theme in 2021 and it will continue. By reviewing and acknowledging how you’ve grown, you may now be able to implement your emotional skills on a deeper level.

Emotional Growth

The Aquarius/Leo opposition is highlighting emotional growth you’ve experienced this year. It’s reminding you to balance the needs of others (Aquarius) and your personal needs (Leo). Aquarius represents the people and joining together in groups with like minded people. Opposite the moon, the sun is in Leo. Leo is creative, warm and vibrant. It’s heart-centered energy is generous and magnetic. Leo is majestic and demands balance in this equation. Aquarius can be somewhat cold, detached and almost un-human.

Aquarius represents the future. It’s innovative, technology based and focused on human rights and grassroots efforts. The sun in Leo is providing a strong sense of self, helping you clarify with what you love. And reminding you to follow your heart. The moon and Jupiter in Aquarius are helping you see emotional growth and expansion you’ve experienced this year and how to integrate it more fully into your future.

Review how you would have reacted and year ago and see how you’ve changed. Tune into situations that in the past would have triggered you to see your growth. Acknowledge changes within you and see it as a graduation into your bright, beautiful future!

Other Planetary Influences

Uranus goes retrograde August 20th. As an outer planet it helps create permanent change wherever it’s crossing. It continues to be at a square with Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus rules Aquarius. With it being retrograde it may create sudden shake ups in your life. There may be shocking news or revelations. You may see a deeper level of truth in a situation. Uranus is the higher-mind of God, opening up deeper levels of spiritual growth. With it in Taurus, it may be shaking up your values and issues around money. There may be a sense of wanting more freedom. Uranus also provides revolutionary thinking, out of the box solutions that you hadn’t considered before. Anytime a planet is retrograde, it’s a period of review. With Uranus it may be awakening you on a deeper level – shifting your perspectives and perceptions. Be open to what is coming up without judgement or dismissing it. It may reveal your next steps or atune you to deeper levels of your self awareness.

Uranus & Mars are at a Trine at the Full Moon. Mars and Mercury are in Virgo – helping you look at daily habits and your health. Mars is creating momentum in moving these daily tasks forward so you are more productive. Uranus in Taurus, is energizing this transition. It’s helping you see that you’re on point and ready to move forward. You may feel very inspired to get organized, or start a new health routine.

A Grand Air Trine is taking place with Saturn in Aquarius, Venus in Libra and the North Node in Gemini. With these three cosmic influences in Air signs there may be a sense of stability (Saturn) being created around what you love (Venus) and your future (North Node). You may be seeing this in relationships, including relationship with yourself. There may be ideas coming to light, and anything coming to mind. You may be more expressive with relationships that take them to a new level. You’re learning how to be true to yourself and expressing yourself in a new light.

Honor your truth and move forward in a way that is right for you.
Let go of following others, and finding the courage to be yourself.
Focus on what you want to create more of in the future.

What will you do Release with the Aquarius Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Aquarius Full Moon!