12th Anniversary

Now that New Moon Manifesting is in it’s “Jupiter Return” we are turning up the heat for manifesting miracles. I’m integrating new tools to help you manifest more. Are you ready? We’ll be breaking through core beliefs and programming that have held you back from manifesting more.

Will You Give?

Will you help me achieve one of my goals?

For 12 years I’ve been providing a platform to help people manifest more with New Moon Manifesting. It’s been a labor of love. And I’m asking for your help to me with a BIG year-end goal.

You may be aware how passionate I am about essential oils. I’ve seen so many of my clients and my own life change as a result of using them. Since it’s the 144th New Moon Masterclass, my goal is to elicit your help as a part of the New Moon community to purchase 144 doTERRA Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits from doTERRA.

doTERRA ships hygiene kits around the world and given to people who have experienced natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, etc.  Each kit contains emergency supplies such as toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap, Deep Blue rub samples, shampoo & conditioner samples, tea tree essential oil and a towel.

I have a couple of partners helping me with this project – Ayana, Rachelle and Laura.  When you click on the link one of their names will show up for the donation.

Donate Now!

One lucky winner will receive!

Make a Difference

With each hygiene kit you purchase, you will receive 1 entry into a drawing for a $1,200 manifesting prize package.

One lucky winner will receive the 12th Anniversary Prize package which includes

  •  Gold crescent moon necklace ($50 retail value)
  •  3 exclusive manifesting oil blends ($75 retail value)
  • doTERRA Rose Touch ($94 retail value)
  • doTERRA PastTense Blend ($26 retail value)
  • doTERRA limited edition Pursue Blend ($22 retail value)
  • doTERRA essential oil clutch ($25 retail value)
  • Coaching/healing session with Jana ($880 retail value)
  • Manifesting kit ($25 retail value)
  • Manifesting With the Moon – An Astrological Journal book by Jana

Once you’ve placed your hygiene kit purchase, email me your receipt to be entered into the drawing.  If you’re already in my doTERRA family, simply add a hygiene kit to your December order and email me with details.

Want to contribute less than $25? Click HERE and your gift will be added with other people’s donations.

If you’re interested in purchasing essential oils AND a hygiene kit, you’ll receive additional entries into the giveaway. Click on the link below to schedule a Wellness Consult.

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