The earthy energy of Taurus is a reminder to strengthen your practice of grounding yourself. With this New Moon and shifts in Uranus into Taurus your world may be shaken up. Changes within and around you physically may shift your perceptions, your physical body, and your surroundings. The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. It’s a good time to set new intentions and begin new projects. Using this time wisely enhances your ability to manifest the life you desire.

The Taurus Earthly Magic
Fertility and productivity are two themes Taurus brings in. With the spring, brings the desire for new growth for us personally. The Taurus New Moon takes place on May 15, 2018 at 7:47 am ET (4:47am PT). It helps root even deeper intentions set last month with the Aries New Moon. For your goals to materials, the root system must go deep into the earth. Mother Earth supports you in physically creating. She is loving, caring, gentle, and compassionate. Along with the Sun and Moon in Taurus, there are four other planets in earth signs – Mercury in Taurus, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in Capricorn. Uranus with be moving into Taurus on May 18th, so there is a lot of emphasis on the earth, earth changes, ecology, pollution, climate, volcanoes, and other earth based interests.

Radical Shifts
Where is Uranus radically shifting your energy? Uranus moves by shaking things up. Think about the volcano shaking the ground as it erupts. That’s the energy of Uranus. It the planet of surprises, big leaps, and revolutionary changes. It’s releasing of limitations in a sudden and eruptive way. Since it is taking place in Taurus, this could create shift in your perceptions on how you relate to money and the material world. Your attitude of yourself and what you value most may suddenly change. Since Taurus relates to the physical senses, you may experience a shift or heightened awareness of your likes and dislikes.

Wake up Call
Uranus and Mars are at a 90 degree angle of each other – called a square. Each of these planets is interested in shaking things up and creating lasting changes that are better than imagined. This is bringing an upheaval in the way things have been done. The old patterns may be broken apart at this time making room for a new way of doing things. This is a highly creative, and forward thinking time that brings up issues related to equality, and revolutionary, assertive energy. Mars moving into Aquarius may bring new dynamics related to equality for all.

Getting Rooted
Celebrate spring and the Taurus New Moon by connecting with the earth. What helps you feel grounded and centered? Get into your body. Really feel it. Taurus is a very physical sign being an earth sign. Be very present with your body, what you feel, smell, hear, Taurus is a time of physical planting. Get in the garden, play in the dirt. Go hiking. Do something that helps you feel grounded and connect with Mother Earth. We are the stewards of the planet. It is up to each of us to do our part and follow our inspiration to support the planet that supports us. Get involved in your community to clean up or revitalize your area. Find ways to regularly ground yourself to manage the big shifts that will be transpiring. It helps you steer clear of fear and keep focused.

Supporting Your Transformation
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Other tools for the Taurus New Moon

Taurus and the 2nd Chakra
Taurus is the bull. Think about how you can integrate these characteristics and support your 2nd chaka. This is the seat of your self-worth, self esteem, and creative talents. There is a direct correlation between these three and prosperity. The sensitivity of the Taurus New Moon may bring up old emotional wound as your sense are heightened. What are you willing for face and resolve? Letting go of the old patterns and emotions frees you up to enjoy life more!

Spring Cleaning with the Taurus New Moon
Clear out false beliefs around your self-worth, issues related to money, success, so you realize you are valuable and your gifts are necessary for humanity. Also ask yourself, where you can stand your ground better, and set healthy boundaries. What do you need to feel more secure and stable? Taurus will assist you in healing these issues. Need some help?

Essential Oils for the Taurus New Moon
Essential oils are a simple gift from nature that support our body and balance its chemistry. They hold various vibrations that help us in managing difficult emotions and unhealthy moods. With the Taurus New Moon use essential oils such as cypress, clove, cinnamon bark, Ylang Ylang, Juniper berry, and white fir. These will help with stuck energy, setting healthy boundaries, strengthening will power, and releasing ancestral patterns. As such you will strengthen your roots, feel more grounded and supported in breaking through incorrect beliefs and emotional blocks.

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Taurus Podcast

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