Attention on routines, the physical health and a need for order are the foundation for the Virgo Full Moon.
The moon reaches its fullness on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 1:05pm EST (10:05am PST). This full moon is a tug of war between the head and the heart.
The full moon creates a pull between opposing forces.
It is a reminder to find balance. There is also an opportunity for awareness, emotional resolution, and inner clarity as the moon illuminates areas of our lives that still need healing. The full moon brings awareness that we need to address through external circumstances and other people. It reflects hidden aspects that need our attention.
With the Virgo Full Moon our attention turns toward desires of the head.
Virgo looks to logic, organizing, details, reason, and perfectionism to process life. Virgo uses analytical faculties to process it. It helps us assimilate information into logic and order. It reminds us to develop healthy daily habits and take action steps towards our goals and dreams. Virgo provides discipline and practical persistence to achieve them.
Pisces focuses on matters of the heart, and allowing creativity to flow.
Pisces is more comfortable swimming in a sea of emotions and feeling its way through life. You may feel more emotional with this full moon as a result. Pisces helps us see how we have integrated our physical world with the spiritual one. This polarity strengthens our connections to trust spirit while taking practical steps that are necessary to bring our goals to fruition. Pisces brings an element of truth to every thought and magnifies our intentions.
Shake, rattle, and roll with the Virgo Full Moon.
Pent up energy created with the full moon is easily released through activities that get you moving. Dance wildly, move freely, releasing frustrations and any other emotions. Do something physical to move your energy. With any full moon there are opportunities for tremendous growth as emotions are revealed. There is a sense of raw emotional energy that may feel unsettling. There may be intense desires to express them. It’s important to find outlets for excess emotional energy around the full moon.
The full moon pushes us to find balance between the head and heart.
This full moon helps us learn who and how much to trust others. Pisces brings intuition to the mix, helping us heal emotional wounds related to trust and love. Learning to trust our inner wisdom is vital in our evolution. Allowing an expansion of light within our hearts is a powerful way to resolve them. There can be great strides in healing that take place when you’re willing to dive in and let go.
Follow the path that is illuminated
and work through emotional issues that arise with the full moon. As emotions come up, acknowledge them through journaling or expressing them in some way. Then use some sort of ritual to release them to the sun, moon, wind, or water. Some suggestions include writing down what you wish to release and burning the list. Or blowing your intentions into a stick and letting it go in a river. Use breath work to feel emotions in the body using the breath to clean out the old emotions. Once released, replace it with what you want to feel, have or create. For example, release feeling inadequate with confidence. I breath out feelings of inadequacy and breathe in confidence. Through awareness and conscious reprogramming, the past patterns can be changed.
Do something to honor yourself and the Virgo Full Moon!
Find balance with the Virgo Full Moon by harmonizing the practical needs you have with the spiritual ones.