Get back on track this week with the New Moon in Virgo that occurs on Monday, August 25, 2014 at 10:12am EDT (7:12am PDT). Clearing out the clutter, organizing, creating routines, and clarifying your goals are the themes with this Virgo New Moon.
Each New Moon is a time to plant seeds for the coming cycle. You may begin new projects, set new goals, infuse existing projects or goals with renewed enthusiasm, and start adventures. Whatever your goals, focus on getting organized, reducing clutter, including unnecessary emotions, and be flexible.
Virgo represents the virgin. She is practical, grounded, and analytical. She is a mutable earth sign which means she is flexible, and adapts to the situation. This is great advice for all of us in our manifesting journey. Flexibility seems to be a valuable skill versus being stubborn and rigid in our perceptions of how manifesting should transpire.
As the kids return to school, we move back into regular schedules. It makes sense to capitalize on the Virgo energy by determining where clutter exists physically, emotionally, and mentally. As we clear away the clutter we allow space for new ideas, inspiration, assistance, and support to fill in the gaps.
Virgo carries with it the aire of perfectionism, efficiency, and flexibility. She prepares us for the fall where we harvest the fruits of our labor for the past six months. She reminds us to clear the slate of whatever has built up that no longer serves us. She is a dynamic problem solver; developing creative solutions.
This is a great new moon to evaluate habits related to your health. Virgo rules the 6th House – the House of Health. Set new goals that related to strengthening the body, mind, and spirit. Eating better quality food, drinking plenty of water, taking up a new exercise routine or class, going back to school or expanding your skills in other ways are all great areas of focus.
Although the New Moon typically is an introspective time and is less emotional, there may be challenges coming up. These conflicts are typically due to lessons we still need to learn where we are resisting change. Notice any tension or conflicts that may be arising. View these as opportunities to resolve egoic attachments to the situation or people so you freely move forward. This may include forgiving the misdeeds of others, washing away the negative emotions we hold within, loosing the need to be right, releasing judgement, and allowing things to happen in the right time frame instead of our time frame.
To support you in facing life’s challenges and manage your energy we offer a FREE monthly New Moon call. For the Virgo New Moon it will be held on
Monday, August 25, 2014
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During the call we will discuss the energy of the Virgo New Moon, provide suggestions to enhance your ability to manifest your desires, and finish the call with a guided imagery meditation. The call will be recorded and available to listen if you’re unable to attend live.
Get back on track with the Virgo New Moon by re-committing to yourself!