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The  Aquarius New Moon is igniting strong themes of freedom, human rights and futuristic. It’s awakening you on deeper levels and creating big shifts in consciousness. The entire year has an Aquarian theme of transition, faster paced, shocking changes, innovation, revolution and helping you envision a different future. Every new moon presents an opportunity to plant new seeds. It’s a clean slate to  begin projects and set new intentions. The moon stirs your emotions and reminds you to learn to flow with nature’s rhythms and tides.

Aquarius New Moon
The Aquarius New Moon takes place on February  11, 2021 at 2:05 pm ET (11:05 am PT). The overall theme is observing your life and breaking you free from the old patterns and programming and creating something new. What is transitioning in your life and how can you embrace it? This new moon is battling and learning to release the old levels of control to allow new energies that embrace freedom and compassion for everyone.

This new moon carries a futuristic theme of things to come. There are six planets in Aquarius – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. All of these planets are helping you think and dream bigger than you ever thought possible. Mercury (retrograde), Venus and Jupiter are dancing together, creating out of the box thinking, seeing things from a new perspective or envisioning a different future for yourself.

As an air sign, Aquarius is inspirational, forward thinking, innovative, creative and filled with ideas. As you set your intentions for the New Moon, recognize that Jupiter will be passing over this placement of the Aquarius New Moon three times during the year, helping you fine tune whatever intentions you set with it. Jupiter expands ideas and may provide additional insight as it moves over this point during the year. It’s like sprinking your Aquarius New Moon goals with pixie dust and watching the magic unfold in bigger and bolder ways than you thought possible. As Jupiter passes over this placement it’s helping your refine and ignite them. There may be paradigm shifts that help you see things differently. It’s going to be an exciting time, so be attuned to what’s taking place for you.

What is unfolding for you?  Which Houses in your Astrology Chart does it influence?  Knowing this helps you activate yourself on deeper levels as you release patterns and align with your inner wisdom.

Looking toward the Future
The Aquarius New Moon and the stellium of planets in Aquarius are giving you a glimpse of things to come. It’s humanitarian componant is supportng you on deep levels to connect with like minded people. Join a group, club or connect with the people that inspire you and support causes that are near and dear to your heart. Aquarius also relates to sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the world. What could that potentially look like for you?

Other Planetary Influences

Jupiter is charging forward through Aquarius. Jupiter will be there for rest of the year. This provides insight into your own life and where you’re wanting to expand new possibilities. Jupiter looks at all possibilities. It’s lucky. It helps you grow. It brings in miracles and good fortune. It expands business with innovation and creativity. It inspires you to bring ideas to fruition. It’s like going to a buffet and wanting everything in sight. Be open to all possibilities with Jupiter. You never know when it will ignite your lucky break.

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, and at a trine position with the North Node in Gemini. The North Node is the collective future and where we’re moving. Mercury in this position is enhancing the ability to see and communicate a new perspective, vision and future. You may be flooded with ideas and inspiration of where things are going. Write down your ideas because it will take time to bring them to fruition.

Saturn and Uranus continue to square off (90 degrees) for the bulk of 2021. This square is pushing for freedom (Uranus) and structure (Saturn).  Uranus is demanding change, equality and truth. While Saturn is demanding responsibility and holding on tightly to the old ways. This ongoing placement will help break up outdated systems that no longer support the people.  It could be quite eruptive, and create volitility and unrest – personally and outwardly. There is a cry for freedom and truth, and a strong push for change.

Review your astrology birth chart and find out where these major changes are taking place. Look for patterns that give you insight into what you’re being called to do.  It provides a road map so you make the most of moving forward.

Tools for the Aquarius New Moon

Essential oils are a powerful tool that support you in releasing emotional blocks, manage stress, open your heart and restore balance. What essential oils are you drawn to use for the New Moon?

Cedarwood – enhances connection with community. It supports you in building healthy, strong bonds with others. It’s a great one to blend with lavender so you feel confident in speaking your truth with others or in a group.

Lemon & Wild Orange  – lemon supports in quieting the mind so you may hear your inner voice. It allows your mind to be open to new ideas and learn new ways of being. Wild Orange inspires creativity and enhances your mood by helping you feel uplifted. Breathe it in the morning and throughout the day to enhance your ability to focus, stay creative and inspired.

doTERRA’s Elevation Blend – supports you in elevating your mood and enhancing your ability to become the highest expression of yourself. The oils in this blend expands your intuitive skills, helping you align more fully with your higher-self. It tunes you into what you really want, and the path your higher-self is leading you towards.  Apply on the inner part of your arms, along your spine, the bottom of your feet or simply breathe it in to align with what your desires.

Journal with the Aquarius New Moon
Reclaim your power by purifying your thoughts and emotions, and create clarity with writing.

Ideas Journal: The Aquarius energy is forward thinking and innovative. Allow free flow writing to generate ideas and inspiration that leads towards your deepest desires, no matter how wild they may be. Allow your mind to flow free and create magic.

Act as if Journal: Write about your Aquarius goals “as if” you’ve already achieved them. Aquarius expands big ideas. So use your imagination, engage your emotions and visualize bigger and bolder dreams. With Jupiter’s support this year, these dreams may just become your reality. Also join the Manifesting Mastery month circle where you’ll learn to align your energy with what you want most.

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The Aquarius New Moon is innovative and futurisitic helping you re-imagine your life.   
It’s pushing yout to grow and expand into a better version of yourself.

What area of your life is this New Moon influencing?

What intentions or theme are you setting for the New Moon?

How will you stay aligned with your goals?

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