Aquarius Full Moon – Futuristic

The Aquarius Full Moon is providing a glimpse into the future. There is a strong sense of self with the Leo Sun opposite the moon, helping you tune in deeply to your heart’s desires and project them into the future. Saturn is providing a sense of structure to any realizations or perhaps seeing how your vision could become reality. This full moon is pushing you towards your future, and the bigger picture you envisioned a month ago with the Capricorn Full Moon.

Each full moon is a culmination of energy, as it’s the peak of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon shines its light on what you need to see or understand. It’s a deeply emotional, highly sensitive, intuitive and emotional time. Notice who or what is pushing your buttons. These are areas of your life you want to heal. Discover how the Aquarius Full Moon is impacting you by pulling your astrology birth chart, with transits to determine what astrology House 19 degrees of Aquarius is for you. With each full moon, brings awareness to imbalances so that you have the opportunity to heal and resolve emotional wounds.

Responsible Progress

The Aquarius Full Moon is futuristic. With the moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, there is a sense of responsibility and accountability for your future. You may notice places where you have blamed your circumstances or situations and now Saturn is asking you to be responsible for all of your emotions and future actions. Saturn is helping you see the truth of situations. It’s a reality check to the truth, regardless of what you have thought or felt in the past. You may have a sense of where you are going on an emotional level, you’re simply waiting for the physical reality to match your vision. The Moon and Saturn are a glimpse into the future and helping you solidify those plans. Saturn is helping heal emotional fragmentation, restoring all of the pieces as you heal. It’s an important Full Moon to tune into your intuition and energy to see if it aligns with your higher vision for yourself.

The Aquarius Full Moon takes place on August 11, 2022 at 9:35 pm ET (6:35 pm PT). As an air sign, your mind may be sparked with ideas. It’s important to go within and tune into what is taking place emotionally related to these thoughts. There may be deep insight into the situations and people that have caused emotional distress in the past, giving you the opportunity to forgive and heal it. The Aquarius Full Moon takes place at 19 degrees. Review your astrology birth chart to see what House this is landing in on your chart.

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Trust Yourself

The Sun in Leo is opposite the Moon. The Sun is reflecting what you love. Leo helps you align with what you want on a personal level. It supports you in being light hearted and provides the courage to live your truth. The Sun in Leo is supporting your awareness on a deep level of what matters. With Saturn and the Moon opposite, there is a sense of structure around who you are and where you are moving in the future.

With Leo being a fire sign, there may be quick action or decisions that need to be made that align with what you want most. It is helping you take into account other people or the group (Aquarius Moon), but is reminding you to tune into what feels right for you. This may be a time of letting go of other people and their desires so you follow you own. It’s easy to get pulled into trying to please everyone, but you have to come first before you can help others.

The Aquarius Full Moon is helping you identify your Future. Along with the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius, there is a strong supportive cast with the North Node, Uranus and Mars in Taurus at a square to the sun and moon. Aquarius may be filled with inspiration and ideas about the future, and Saturn helps you see the practical elements to those ideas to determine if it is possible. Saturn provides a pragmatic approach to pie in the sky ideas.

Write about your ideas and inspiration so that you can determine if they could actualize once the sun and moon move into an earth sign, helping anchor them in physical form. You never know what is shifting with Uranus and the North Node in the mix. Be flexible with whatever is transitioning.

What essential oils help you align with your future? Frankincense helps you see the truth and provides a sense of stability and steady progress. Clary Sage provides clarity, supports releasing outdated beliefs and shifts perceptions to align with your future.  Copiaba & Sandalwood help you align with your true purpose and follow your divine plan.  Apply the oils over your pulse points, over your heart or wherever you feel inspired. What essential oils are you drawn to use?

Astrology Support

Mars + Uranus + the North Node in Taurus is a recipe for transformation. In Taurus, these planets are upgrading your value system and simplifying your life by letting go of trying to do it all. It is helping you see what is most important, and clearing away anything that is out of alignment. Uranus is helping you break through old patterns and help you align with what you value most. Uranus is accelerating the process, shattering old systems and programming. Uranus is also innovative and rebelious, providing new solutions to existing problems. The North Node is providing a new direction where we collectively are moving, and Mars is inspiring action. These three influences are at a square with the Sun and Moon. There could be frustration related to the next step, because you can’t see it yet. This is where your intuition will be your guide. It’s an important time to embrace uncertainty and have faith in the process. Be open to divine inspiration and guidance to lead you.

Chiron & the Sun are at a trine, providing additional support in healing core emotional wounds. The Sun (in Leo) is reflecting your personality and how you present yourself to the world, which could be masked by emotional wounds. When we experience uncomfortable emotions, we change our personality and behavior to avoid feeling those emotions again. As a result, we present different masks to other people. Chiron retrograde in Aries is providing a disruption in your life by helping you aware of what needs to be heal. It is providing you with a new sense of self. With this trine, there maybe a deep awareness of where this is happening as you allow the emotions to be addressed and healed. Use energy awareness and energy healing to permanently resolve what is coming up.

Venus is moving into Leo bringing in a loving, compassionate energy signature. She is sweeping behind the Sun, adding value and courage to intentions set with the Leo New Moon two weeks ago. Venus is upgrading your value system and helping you see that you are worth achieving the big dreams you have. She is compassionate and caring, helping you take time for yourself.

Mars and Pluto are at a trine. With Mars ready for action and Pluto relates to your personal power, you may feel a sense of empowerment and getting things moving towards your bigger goals and dreams. Mars has just stepped away from the North Node and Uranus, where it was deeply transformed. It is recovering from shocking revelations and new information that caused you to see yourself, others or situations differently. This is a good time for selfcare as you integrate the information you have discovered and determine the next steps. It may be so subtle you barely notice it. It is out of chaos and breakdown that provides space for transformation to take place. Find out what house Taurus is in your chart, so that you can digest the permanent transformation taking place there.

aquarius full moon, astrology, essential oils, manifest, manifesting, manifestation

aquarius full moon, essential oils, astrology, manifesting, emotional healing

Step into your power and honor your heart’s desires.

Review emotions as the come up or times when you get triggered.

Live heart centered! Mindfully align with what matters most.

What will you do Release with the Aquarius Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Aquarius Full Moon!