Fun, happy, and BIG are the theme of the Leo Full Moon that takes place on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 6:08pm EST (3:08pm PST). This big full moon is filled with fiery Leo passion that encourages us to have fun and do what makes us happy.
Leo is all about being open, heart centered, and generous.
It’s a good time to look at what fires you up, what excites you or where your passions lie. The Leo Full Moon helps us know ourselves better and show our personality to the world. Leo is majestic, regal, and honors our individual divinity. It can also be ego-centered, and strives for attention.
The Full Moon is external and we learn about ourselves from other people’s behaviors what still needs to be resolved within. Who is pushing your buttons or creating frustration with the full moon? What feelings are surfacing that need attention? These indicators are a good place to start by looking at similar behaviors that you’re unaware of exhibiting.
Full moons show us how to use complementary energies of opposite signs to learn something new about ourselves and the world. With this full moon we experience opposition between creative vision and freedom (Aquarius) and self-expression and strength of character (Leo). Leo’s flame is intense, passionate, and brings an element of warmth into our creative vision.
Full Moon’s also challenge us to release emotional wounds that keep us stuck in past patterns, lower our vibe, and limit us from manifesting what we truly want. Leo encourages us to follow our soul’s desires and provides us with courage to break through the past programming to make room for something new.
Questions to ponder:
What passions do I have within me that are worthy of expanding?
What is my highest vision for myself?
How can my gifts and talents be shared with humanity?
What wisdom and passions can I expand with this full moon?
What would I do, if I were truly free?
With Mercury retrograde, there is plenty of room for miscommunication, feeling ignored, or unable to get ideas out there. This will be with us over the next couple of weeks. There is no need to take this personally. Follow up with important communications to ensure the messages are clearly received. With Mercury retrograde spanning the Leo Full Moon, it inspires us to think outside of the box. There is tremendous opportunity to align our heart’s desires (Leo) with our mind (Aquarius) to find solutions to our questions.
Create a ritual around the Leo Full Moon. Since Leo is a fire sign, make a list of whatever emotions, behaviors or patterns you want to release AND make a list of what you want to replace it with. Read the lists out loud, speaking from the heart. Then burn the lists, releasing your desires to the Universe.
Follow your passions and listen to your heart with the Leo Full Moon!