The Full Moon illuminates the night sky and stirs up emotions as we enter the Full Moon in Sagittarius this week on June 13, 2014 at 12:11am EDT (9:11pm PDT). The polarity between the sun in Gemini (lower mind) and the moon in Sagittarius (higher mind) teaches us to find balance between the two.
The Gemini Sun encourages us to look at the rational side of things, while the Sagittarius Moon looks at the bigger picture through our intuition. Sagittarius is fun, fiery, and expansive pushing us to shoot for the stars and swing big. Sagittarius helps us connect with our soul-self. You may be inspired to change directions or have a flood of new ideas that appear to come out of nowhere.
In the days moving towards the Full Moon take note of spontaneous ideas, inspiration, or that twinge of excitement. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of aspiration and luck. You may be able to connect the dots between your desires and taking action towards them.
With every full moon there is a natural tendency to feel pulled in two directions. This month the conflict is between logic and faith. It’s a time to express ourselves, and let creativity flow. It can also create inner turmoil, doubts and fears may crop up, and insecurities may be highlighted. The important lesson is to find balance between the two forces. If you are over-analytical, then what can you do to listen to your gut instincts? What makes you feel more grounded so you can listen to your inner wisdom?
Join us for the Sagittarius Full Moon healing and meditation on Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 9pm EDT (8CT, 7MT, 6PT). Register here! During this tele-conference we will talk about the influence of the Sagittarius Full Moon and balance the mind, body, and spirit with guided meditation tools.
Get set for adventures and expand your possibilities with the Sagittarius Full Moon.