The Full Moon in Libra on March 27, 2013 reminds us to practice balance and mindful conflict resolution. Which sounds great in theory, but the Full Moon heightens our emotions, challenging us to be peaceful and harmonious.
The polarity between the Aries Sun and the Libra Moon provides expansion and awareness in regards to how we relate to others. Aries adds a fire and flare to relationships, while Libra seeks balance. This dynamic may give you the courage to break off relationships or it may be a time of speaking your truth and building strong alliances.
The actual Full Moon occurs on Wednesday at 5:27am PDT (2:27am EDT). This Full Moon may shock you with surprises or open you up to new insights. Whatever happens, take a deep breath and ask your guides to help you understand the truth of the situation. By taking a brief pause (awareness) you may be able to shift your perspective, resolve emotional distress, or adapt to different situations.
To offset any intensity or drama in your life, spend time in nature or find quiet time for yourself. Shaking free from old paradigms may feel uncomfortable, but know that you are constantly supported by your higher-self. Use the power within you to give you the courage to take your necessary steps and embrace the changes being presented to you during the full moon.
The time after the Full Moon is a good time for shedding and releasing. In honor of the Full Moon we are now holding a Full Moon Healing Circle conference call. This class will be held on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 9pm EDT (6pm PST). Click here to register. Suggested monthly donation $25.