The Full Moon illuminates what has been hiding in our psyche and brings it to light. This could be things we have overlooked or issues we are unaware of that restrict our ability to manifest what we want. Each Full Moon brings to consciousness these areas that need our attention.
Each Full Moon is influenced by the astrological sign it is passing through. With this Full Moon on August 10, 2014 at 2:10 pm EDT (11:10 pm PDT) issues related to our authentic self (Leo) and the collective consciousness (Aquarius) are brought to light. This axis teaches us to find balance between our personal needs and contributing to the needs of humanity.
Since the New Moon two weeks ago we have been identifying our authentic self with the Leo influences. Leo encourages us to find the truth of who we are. It asks us to strip away the facade and allow the truth of our heart and soul’s desires to shine. As we learn to stand in our power and identify our true self we become a resource of wisdom and knowledge. This is where Aquarius supports the opposite axis in allowing us to pour our knowledge over mankind, empowering everyone.
Aquarius is the water-bearer. She pours her knowledge over humanity. The Full Moon in Aquarius reminds us to express our authentic self (Leo) in a way that encourages diversity in our thoughts, science, truth, and freedom. Aquarius is rebellious, daring us to break traditions. It is motivated by the needs of the group versus those of the individual. When we work towards the betterment of everyone we all become empowered and enlightened.
Resolving issues related to inauthentic power, taking power away from other people, as well as, learning to set better boundaries so we stand in our power is at the forefront of healing with the Aquarius Full Moon. When we no longer take power from other people, nor do we allow others to take it from us we can connect more deeply with our authentic self (Leo).
This Full Moon is power packed because it is also a super moon. Super moons occur when the moon is closest to the earth – intensifying the effects of the natural gravitational pull between the sun and moon. But what better moon to have intensified then one that supports flushing out issues so we can stand in our power and let our light shine!
Big opportunities for deep healing can occur with this Aquarius Full Moon. During our monthly Full Moon conference call we will be delving deep into issues related to our personal power by
Healing Emotional Wounds and Power Struggles with the Aquarius Full Moon
– releasing incorrect beliefs related to personal power
– resolving issues our ancestors had related to personal power (DNA healing)
– and balancing power struggles within the collective consciousness
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