The fire in the sky ignites our passions with the Aries Full Moon that occurs on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 6:51 am EDT (3:51 am PDT).
This Aries Full Moon is intensified with an lunar eclipse. Eclipses are the most powerful transits we face. They can affect us for six months to two years after they occur. As a result, the consequences for the choices and changes you make with this full moon could be felt immediately and over time.
The lunar cycles accentuate and activate the twelve areas of life.
Full moons bring things to a climax or completion, giving us the opportunity to address particular issues and make changes. It can put us on a new life’s path as a result of changes and choices made. A Full Moon occurs when the moon and sun are in opposite of each other. This week we have the Full Moon in Aries (self) and the Sun is in Libra (relationships).
Aries is the first sign in the astrological calendar.
It occurs in the Spring (northern hemisphere) and represents new life and new beginnings. This is a fabulous full moon to evaluate who you are, what you have passion for, nourishing yourself, and discovering why you are here. This is a time to go inside and love ourselves through healthy self-care. From that place of self-love we are then available to love others and give of ourselves. When we come from a healthy place of self-love we are authentic and powerful.
An easy exercise to take care of yourself is to make a JOY list – actually two joy lists.
One list contains items that bring you joy that cost you no money – taking a walk, watching the sunrise or sunset, chatting with a friend, playing a game with your kids or partner, taking a bath, watching a movie, etc. The second list contains items that bring you joy that cost money such as coffee or tea, lunch, dinner with friends, family, partner, getting a massage, playing a round of golf, shopping, etc. The idea is that each week you pick a couple of items off both lists to enhance your joy and take care of yourself. You will be amazed at how much more present you can be for others when you take care of yourself.
In opposition to the moon in Aries we have the sun in Libra.
Libra’s focus is all about relationships and balance. We have relationships with ourselves, our creator, our partner, children, co-workers, boss, clients, work, money, health, environment, etc. We have relationships with everything. Ultimately, control is an illusion. We cannot control everything we have a relationship with. But we can learn to chose how we respond. With Libra, it’s time to evaluation these relationships to see what is working for you and what needs to change. When relationships are working for you it will make you stronger, when it isn’t working, it will breakdown or fall apart. There is a breakdown occurs with this cycle and lunar eclipse that presents an opportunity for us to look at what we really need or even want.
Join us in honoring the Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.
During this powerful class and meditation, we will release old energy, emotional wounds, and trauma and prepare for big transitions. This is a powerful Full Moon to step into your passion, reinvent yourself, and allow your true divinity to shine.
Join us on Tuesday, October 7, 2014
9 pm EDT / 8 pm CT / 7 pm MT / 6 pm PT

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Follow your heart and strengthen your relationship with yourself during this incredible Aries Full Moon and lunar eclipse.