It’s a Blue Moon!
The Aquarius full moon occurs on Friday, July 31, 2015 at 6:45am EDT (3:45am PDT). Since this is the second full moon in July it’s called a Blue Moon. During most years the Earth experiences 12 full moons. Occasionally we have 13 full moons. A blue moon simply means a “rare” event, such as the saying, “Once in a blue moon.” It doesn’t really mean the moon is blue, it just refers to the infrequent event.
Aquarius Full Moon inspires brilliant breakthroughs.
Every full moon brings an opportunity for growth. We are pushed outside of our comfort zones as the full moon brings to light issues and emotions that need attention. As we breakdown the old we make room for new experiences and perspectives. These changes cause us to raise our standards and expand consciousness.
The Full Moon
The full moon amplifies emotions, attitudes, and circumstances. The full moon energy is raw and untamed. Processing and filtering becomes vital as we address the emotional triggers and upheavals.
The Aquarius (moon) – Leo (sun) Axis.
This opposition helps us find balance between the collective (Aquarius) and our authentic self (Leo). The Aquarius Full moon brings to light hidden aspects related to power. It will help us break through false perceptions around authority and the inability to set healthy boundaries.
Aquarius – the water bearer.
Aquarius pours her knowledge over humanity. With this full moon you may be ripe with inspiration, insight, and inventive ideas about your contributions to society. The Aquarius full moon reminds us to express our authentic self (Leo) in a way that encourages diversity in our thoughts, science, truth, and freedom. As we share our knowledge, the vibration of the collective consciousness is raised, supporting the evolution of humanity.
Aquarius breaks tradition.
In Nathasha Bettingfield’s song,
she says,
“I break tradition.
Sometimes my tries are outside the lines.”

Aquarius dares us to break traditions. It has a rebellious streak. It motivates us to work towards the bettermient of everyone as be become empowered and enlightened.
Are you willing to color outside the lines and do something different and daring?
Aquarius is here to support you. Go for it!
Other questions to ponder with the Aquarius Full Moon
– Where do you need to express your freedom fully?
– Are you standing in your power? If not, where are you giving it away?
– How can you break through conformity and allow radical new thinking?
– Where are you ready to take quantum leaps in your life?
Be mindful of changes are being provoked.
Surprising breakthroughs may occur with the Aquarius Full Moon just like an unexpected breeze on a hot summer night. In the midst of struggle, there are surprising events that break patterns and shift perceptions.
Create a ritual and release.
As new ideas, inspiration, emotions, and issues come up write them down. Be attuned and mindful to whatever is transitioning within you. Use cleansing breathes to feel the emotions, ideas, and inspiration in your body. Use your breath to release old patterns or anchor new ideas into your heart or solar plexus.
Essential Oils and the Aquarius Full Moon
Use essential oils such as Clary Sage, lavender, Roman Chamomile, or Sandalwood over your Third Eye (between the eyebrows) to enhance innovative thinking and new possibilities.
Be inventive and expand your vision with the Aquarius Full Moon.