The first New Moon of the year occurs on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 8:13am EST (5:13am PST). The moon will be closer to the earth than normal, making it a super moon. This super charges the energy of the Aquarius New Moon and our emotions.
The Aquarius New Moon reminds us to be innovative, and aware of striving for the greater good. This new moon is interested in awakening the mind to its vast potential. It supports us as we strive for true freedom and equality. The Age of Aquarius is rooted in humanity living consciously. And the Aquarius New Moon supports our efforts.
The new moon phase is a time of introspection.
Determining what we want on an inner level isn’t always easy. There are external forces that pull at us. The new moon is a time to go within and decide what we really want and ask the Universe for support and guidance. It is a time to initiate, begin anew, and plant seeds of our desires. This can range from manifesting physical, mental, and emotional changes. It helps us stay focused on our goals throughout the year, and work with the natural flow of each astrological influence.
The 11th House – The House of Friendship.
The Aquarius New Moon encourages us to detach from our personal desires and tap into efforts that expand the greater group. Consider this a social time filled with allies, and being around like-minded people. It’s a good time to socialize in groups, or join a club with people that have similar interests. Collaboration, inventiveness, equality for humanity, expanding consciousness and collective efforts are all related to Aquarius and the 11th House. The 11th House is also the place of our hopes and wishes. Strive to envision your highest ideals and how they can serve humanity.
FREE monthly New Moon calls.
Every new lunar cycle has unique characteristics as it moves through the astrological signs. During our monthly manifesting call we teach you how to work with the energy of the cycle so you manage challenges, and help you attract more of what you want.
Aquarius New Moon Teleconference will be held on
Monday, January 19, 2015
9pm EST | 8pm CST | 7pm MST | 6pm PST

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During the call we will discuss the energy of the Aquarius New Moon, provide suggestions to enhance your ability to manifest your desires, and finish the call with a guided imagery meditation. You may experience some interesting epiphanies that support your inventiveness and awakening. The call will be recorded and posted on the >New Moon Manifesting website after the call if you’re unable to attend live.
The Aquarius New Moon is a good time to take risks.
Take risks or engage in activities that require bold action and originality. It supports the visionary within us all as we strive to follow our soul’s desires by listening to inner guidance. Participate in activities that expand mental and intuitive elements. Join us on Monday for the Aquarius New Moon Teleconference.