Do you LOVE essential oils?
Would you like to learn more about oils for rituals and manifesting,
along with enhancing your divine radiance, and vibrational healing?

This is the place. ^_^
We are thrilled that you’re here!

This Group is For You IF

* You want to learn more about essential oils, specifically doTERRA

* You are interested in becoming a wellness advocate with doTERRA

* You desire to learn how to work magic with essential oils,
including rituals, blends, DIY recipes and wellness lifestyle tips

* You love magic, crystals, ritual, raising your vibe
and aligning yourself with natural rhythms

* You’re ready to take action and implement natural solutions
for your physical and emotional well-being

This Group is NOT for Your IF

* You want to promote or pitch your stuff (free or paid)

* You want to market your stuff – social media, blogs, programs, prodcuts, etc.

* You want to get clients or recruit people to your doTERRA team or any other team

* You want to market another essential oil company other than doTERRA

* You want to talk smack about anyone or anything at any time

This is a high-vibrational space dedicated to education on essential oils and magic.
It’s also a no-promo zone; all promotional posts will be deleted without warning.

Yes, this includes stuff in the “grey zone” – the sharing of FB groups, blog posts, etc.

Also prohibited: the solicitation of group members for any reason (“personal reach-outs”)

If you have questions about becoming a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer with doTERRA,
simply reach out to one of the admins. Happy to help!

Finally, in this space, we keep it real AND keep it positive.
Gossip, negativity and disparaging comments will be deleted.

How to Order Oils:

Manifesting with Essential Oils: