Manifesting with Essential Oils

Do you find it challenging to accomplish the dreams that are MOST important to you?
Are you well-versed in the spiritual principles of manifesting… but still experience inconsistent results?

Ready to get out of “wishing” mode and become magnetic to the people, places, and opportunities you truly desire…
and for them to show up much faster than ever have before?
I’m so glad you’re here!
You’re about to discover a powerful system to take your manifesting results to the next level.

All happy, successful people have ONE thing in common…

the ability to manifest the true, authentic desires of their heart.

As a master money coach to thousands of women (and a 7-figure business owner myself)… I’ve found this to be true. I bet you can agree.
And if you’re like most of the women I coach… you’re already pretty great at manifesting.
BUT… here’s the thing…

If you haven’t yet created or called in some of those BIG things on your vision board,
chances are you’re missing out on the 
tools that can totally change the game for you…

A manifesting process that has been demonstrated to work – consistently and predictably,
by using the high-vibrating magic of essential oils.

So WHY are Certified Pure Essential Oils 
such a game-changer for manifesting?

Because there is ONE thing above all that determines whether you are successful with manifesting your desires, consistently: your STATE.

Your Vibe… Your energy field.

Your physical body, and your emotional body.

Who you BE on every level!

And that’s where essential oils truly shine.

Essential oils can help you…

  • Elevate your moods – no matter what is going on
  • Help you release + shift the patterns that keep you stuck
  • Cleanse & release toxins from body & mind
  • Cultivate the positive emotions that raise your vibe and fuel your manifestations
  • Support your wellness in just about every way (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually – their effectiveness for all of this is well-documented)

Manifesting with Essential Oils

In this 14-day program, you’ll learn a manifesting process that aligns spiritual principles with exactly HOW we humans create our own reality – down here on the physical plane.

The Core Manifesting Process works consistently, when you work it properly – because it’s a framework for how co-creation actually goes down, here in the real world!

You’ll also receive an essential oils protocol to use with the process – plus TONS of tips, practices and rituals to break through your manifesting limits and bring your biggest desires to life!

Here’s what you’ll receive in Manifesting With Essential Oils:

  • The Core Manifesting Process – my well-demonstrated method for manifesting on command
  • Essential oils protocol for all things manifesting success: clearing blocks, releasing toxic emotions, shifting patterns, fueling your subconscious, taking aligned action and more
  • Two audio classes, taught by Jana
  • 14-day guided journey to become a vibrational match to the success you want, with the help of essential oils. Includes rituals, recipes, practices, etc.
  • Private FB group just for members of the program – a high-vibe environment where you can connect with other success-minded women

Kuddos from our clients…

Manifesting with Essential Oils uses oil blends from doTERRA,
the largest distributor of essential oils in the world, and creators of
the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® designation.

Why choose doTERRA oils?

  • Mission. doTERRA’s mission is “a healer in every home,” positioning itself as a health and wellness solutions provider, first and foremost.
  • Superior product. doTERRA became the largest essential oils distributor in the world in 2015 – just 7 years after its founding – and remain so today. Their revenues also surpassed $1 billion that year. Why? Because their product is awesome.
  • Commitment to quality. The essential oils industry has no standards, so to demonstrate their commitment to quality, doTERRA created their own: the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® protocol.
  • Third party testing. Every batch of doTERRA oil is tested by third parties, to ensure standards are maintained.
  • Direct selling model. Yes, this is a huge plus! Instead of throwing millions of marketing dollars at big corporations and lowering quality standards to get shelf space in stores, doTERRA invests that money in the people who use and share the oils. (Note: 75% of doTERRA members are users only and never build the business. You never have to share the oils – ever.)
  • Family and women friendly. doTERRA’s top earners in the company are women and families, using the oils to create lives of wellness and financial support.
  • Oils education. doTERRA provides countless hours of quality education and support in all things essential oils – and our team provides even more!

Manifesting with Essential Oils begins on November 15th!!

Here’s how you can join us for FREE!

When you join our team as a NEW doTERRA user, Manifesting with Essential Oils is my gift to you!!

Your only investment is the fee for the essential oils you’ll be working with – which works out to be just pennies per drop. 🙂

We’ll be using doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Enrollment Kit for our core oils in the program,
which includes your annual wholesale pricing privileges and comes with a free diffuser.
The wholesale price for this kit is just $197.

Here’s how to purchase your oils now!

To qualify for your FREE program, you must purchase your oils from my doTERRA website.
We cannot honor requests to gift you the program for free if you buy your oils from another website.
No exceptions!

Enrollment info CLICK HERE.