Is your mind a buzz and flutter, bursting with new ideas?
You can thank the Gemini New Moon. This energy expands your thinking with creative new possibilities. A new approach to the old way of doing things may shift perspectives and move you closer to your goals.
The Gemini New Moon
Takes place on May 25, 2017 at 3:44 pm EDT (12:44 pm PDT). Gemini loves to learn. Its emphasis is on the mind, and can easily get distracted. Getting distracted may be a good thing if you’re overly focused. Plus you can use distractions as a way to manage any downward spiraling thoughts and keep yourself in a higher vibration. Gemini can sometimes be a bit scattered, but with Mars in Gemini, your ideas could be inspiring you to go deeper and live a more authentic life. What ideas are coming up? It’s good to write them down and revisit recurring ones.
Gemini – an Air Element
Gemini is flexible and light-hearted. It is playful and fun. You may feel uplifted and lighter, especially after the intense Scorpio full moon. As an air element, it inspires new ideas and thinking outside of the box. This airy energy supports you in letting go of the old ways of doing things. They no longer work as the vibration of the collective consciousness is being raised. Although the time to release is typically around the full moon, this Gemini New Moon gives you another opportunity to let go of repressed emotions and programming to make room for new ones.
Mental Stimulation
Because Gemini is such a strong mental energy, it’s important to find exercises to keep you balanced. Over stimulation of your mental faculties strains the nervous system. Utilize practices such as meditation, yoga, and mindful breathing to settle the mind and relax the nerves. Physical exercise such as walking, hiking, and biking helps reduce cortisol – the stress hormone and relieves tension.
Using essential oils such as frankincense, cypress, white fir, lavender, or juniper berry may help you feel more connected to the earth. Place a drop or two of your favorite oil in your hands and breathe in deeply, rub a few drops on the bottoms of your feet, or along the spine to calm the nerves. Set goals and practice exercise that help you maintain be more grounded and centered.
Gemini and the Sacral Chakra
Gemini is represented in the sacral chakra. It stimulates creative ideas, imagination, and innovation. Take time to jot down creative ideas to take your goals to the next level. The sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra, located just below the navel. It supports our ability to get ideas out into the world. It is the center of creation. We all have ideas we want to birth. Use this powerful new moon to help you see different angles. To stimulate inventiveness use essential oils such as wild orange, lemon, bergamot, or cinnamon.
Want to learn more about using essential oils?

Join our Good Vibe Oil Tribe call. It will be held right after the New Moon call. We talk about essential oils that will inspire you to take action and reclaim your power. They also help you manage moods, emotions, energy, balancing your chakras, and help you manifest more.

FREE monthly New Moon Conference Call
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You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.
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Use the Gemini New Moon to allow new ideas to percolate. Use its joyful and youthful energy to expand your ideas and manifest more. What goals do you want to plant with Gemini? Join us Tuesday for the New Moon conference call to share your wishes!