Ring in the New Year with the Cancer Full Moon.
Super Moon – January 1, 2018 at 9:24 pm EST (6:24 pm PST).
The Full Moon in Cancer taking place at 11 degrees. Yes my favorite number! The New Year in numerology is an 11, and my destiny number is also an 11. This Full Moon is called a Super moon since it will be closer to the earth, strengthening it’s gravitational pull on it, as well as your psyche as it brings up past patterns and emotional wounds that need attention. This Full Moon provides a powerful punch that could take your life to a new level. Are you ready? This full moon helps you prepare.
Cancer Full Moon
Cancer is the astrology sign that supports you in becoming the master of your emotional body. Your feelings and emotions are what drive you. This Full Moon presents an opportunity to create harmony with your inner world, which translates into creating balance and peace in your outer world. It is highly intuitive since the moon rules Cancer. It helps tap into your creativity and imagination – helping you see a brighter future. If you are attuned with it’s energy, you could receive downloads of information, so make time for meditation and enhance it with essential oils listed below. With the moon in Cancer the Sun is in Capricorn. Capricorn represents power – your personal power and power from your Higher-self (God power). The full moon is always a time of opposition, where it’s important to find balance between the places where the sun and moon impact your birth chart.
Water Element
There are some big influences with this Cancer Full Moon highlighting the water elements. The water element represents constant movement. It is slow and steady, swirling inside of you. Like the depths of the oceans there is a shrouded mystery to the water element. You cannot see what is lurking beneath the surface of the water. The water element represents your hidden psyche and things about you, that you want to keep hidden. It’s the element of conception and death, of illusions and fairytales, and holds the secrets of your Soul – its beginning and its end. This Full Moon will enhance your intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual growth. It helps you release old emotions and anchor new ones – such as love and compassion.
Deep Healing and Emotional Release
In the element of water, literally deals with matters of life and death, of your genetic inheritance and all of your ancestors. Strangely, this is also the element of emotions. We all have to understand that our emotions have already been lived through by someone in our family tree, and they are passed on from generation to generation, mostly through the role of the mother, until someone chooses to resolve them. This Cancer Full Moon along with other planets in water signs creates a Grand Trine. It presents a unique opportunity to let go of deep seated emotions such as grief, resentment, shame, guilt, jealousy, and any other emotions that come up. The Grand Trine is made up of the moon in Cancer, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. With this watery influence listen to your gut instincts, intuition and your dreams. Take time for meditation and journaling to identify what you are felling and what emotions and patterns you’re willing to leave behind in 2017.
Finding Balance
The watery trine provides balance to the strong earth influences that are taking place during the full moon and into January. With the Full Moon in Cancer the Sun is in Capricorn (earth element). Capricorn’s highest achievement is mastering God (Goddess) power. This is the “I am” Goddess (God) power presence, and brings this power into your consciousness. There is a difference between power and force. Power is true and authentically flowing, where force is ego driven, based on scarcity and taking away from others. How can you stand more authentically in your Goddess power and follow your heart? Listen to what’s coming up for you during January. Saturn is also in Capricorn, helping strengthening structures and foundations based on truth. Saturn is feeling empowered and taking action towards your goals. Where are you interested in creating a more solid foundation? Perhaps in your finances or your career? Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and abundance, is also in Capricorn. Where can you love yourself more, or see the poetic beauty in life? But wait… there is more! Pluto is also in Capricorn – helping us break apart old paradigms and structures to create new ones. It works through revelation, ruin, and revival. On January 9th, the sun, Pluto, Saturn, and Venus will all be at the same degree in Capricorn providing an a time of breaking free from the old. It’s a time of personal empowerment and following your passion and using your passion to achieve your 2018 goals and creating them in physical form.
Tools to Support You
With the watery wonderland influencing you, stay grounded and in tune with your emotions. Cancer is the archetype of the mother and represents emotion and empathy, while Capricorn is the archetype of the father representing stability and progression. There may be childhood wounds surfacing or you may be questioning your parenting skills as we transition through this time. Find tools and exercises that help you stay grounded while still addressing the emotional elements. Myrrh is the oil of Mother Earth and will help you feel more grounded and Frankincense is the oil of the father. It is grounding, stable, and strengthens your inner authority. Use essential oils while writing about these journal prompts to formalize thoughts and emotions that arise.
Review your Birth Chart
Find out what astrology “house” the Cancer Full Moon is influencing for you. Is it in your 5th house of children, play, and fun? If so, what emotions around these elements are coming up for you? Perhaps there are past emotions that caused you to shut down your playful side so you could act more “responsible.” Once you discover what “house” is influencing this full moon, use these descriptions to help you identify what you could focus on. Use the journal prompts above to help you release past emotions and start the New Year out right.
1st House – work on your self-assertiveness, put your needs first with respect to others; personal care
2nd House – address issues related to power and control, bring in beauty and what you love into your space
3rd House – find balance between the mundane, what needs to be done, so you free yourself up for adventure
4th House – work on creating balance between your home and family with outward obligations
5th House – be creative and self-expressive; follow your passions, or pour your heart out to a lover
6th House – take up healthy habits or create a new routine that inspires you to manage your heath
7th House – balance relationships with others; time to compromise and negotiate with others
8th House – settle debts and financial issues; balance what makes you feel secure with other people’s needs
9th House – personal beliefs are being tested, pay attention to impulses, be adventurous
10th House – prepare for changes in job, career, or home life; take charge and show your responsible side
11th House – engage in humanitarian issues, including being their for friends and family
12th House – get in touch with what is brewing beneath the surface, secrets may be revealed, intuition is heightened
Other Essential Tools
The sacred essential oils Frankincense and Myrrh are symbolically supportive of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Myrrh is earthy and connects us to the deeply feminine elements of the planet. While Frankincense provides strength, stability, and helping us recognize our truth. Siberian Fir supports in releasing unhealthy family patterns so you are open to more love and trust; and Cedarwood helps us in reconnecting with like-minded people and creating community, feeling a sense of security with the tribe around us. These four oils provides powerful support in releasing the old and embracing the new. Contact me for information on how to integrate essential oils into your daily routine.
The New Year and the Full Moon
The Full Moon combined with the New Year is a time to shed anything that no longer serves you. This includes old stories, limitation, labels, perceptions, and emotions. Stop rehashing the past and step into the future and what you really want to create. Let go of the perceptions that defined you in the past. This is a year of living your own truth and attune to your feelings and follow your passions. This full moon (and the New Year) will really support you in finding your own path, being passionate and living on purpose. You may notice a deep internal drive to discover this and follow it.
Make the most out of the Cancer Full Moon!
Ask yourself these questions:
What action am I inspired to take with the Cancer Full Moon?
What are you willing to release with the Cancer Full Moon?
What part of yourself am you willing to reclaiming?
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