Emerge into your authentic self with the Libra Full Moon. For the past couple of months there has been a pressure pushing for change. Just like a caterpillar emerging from the cocoon. Spring brings in bursting new energy that supports growth.  This Libra Full Moon is filled with light and support to take your life to a new level. It begins with honoring your authentic desires and speaking your truth to get them. Each Full Moon illuminates areas of your life where you’re unaware of emotions, behaviors and beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving and receiving more. The full moon reflects insight into what needs to be resolved if you’re willing to listen. The Libra Full Moon reminds you to be objective (Libra) and honor your personal promptings (Aries).

Libra Full Moon
The Libra energy is stirring things up to help you be objective and see the role you’ve played in your relationships. The Libra Full Moon takes place on March 28, 2021 at 2:48 pm ET (11:48 am PT). Libra helps restore balance. It supports finding the sweet spot in relationships – including relationships with yourself.

Libra is about finding balance or restoring it. It helps you be fair and look at all sides of a situation. As an air sign it is social, clever, thought provoking, peaceful, fair, diplomatic and idealistic. Find where Libra and Aries are in your birth chart to determine how this Full Moon is influencing you.

There is a grand trine in air taking place with the Libra Full Moon. It’s powerful, liberating and leading you towards the future. There have been ideas in motions that move forward with the Libra Full Moon.

Boosting Confidence, Courage & Consciousness
The Libra/Aries opposition reminds you to find balance between your personal needs (Aries Sun) and the needs of relationships (Libra moon). Although this is a Libra Full Moon, the planets in Aries have a strong pull on your psyche. The sun, Chiron and Venus are all at 8 degrees in Aries at the time of the full moon. Wow! So what does that mean? Well Libra rules Venus, and Venus is hanging out with the sun. Venus in this placement provides a push towards independence. This could push your ideas forward with new inspiration and innovation. In this position, Venus is the warrior. She’s harnessing her energy to understand herself on a deeper level. With Venus sitting next to Chiron, she’s helping clear the clutter – emotional clutter and wounding. Chiron and Venus are strengthening you, giving you a dose of courage. confidence and opening you up to higher levels of consciousness.

Libra as an air sign is being supported in a trine with Saturn in Aquarius and Mars and North Node in Gemini. Saturn is providing structure and container for new idea or realizations. It’s in those aha moments that you may see how you’ve contributed to your relationships and help you see new ways of showing up. It may help you breakthrough the blame game and what these relationships are mirroring in you.

Grand Air Trine
Libra, Aquarius & Gemini
The Moon in Libra is activating Venus, opposite of her. She is enlivening your emotions, helping you see what you’ve been healing. You may see yourself in a new light and emerge into a new level of yourself. This past year has definately changed us all. This last Full Moon of the astrology year, is providing a sense of objectivity as you see new pathways towards a more balanced you. Chiron and Venus are providing insight into the deep healing you’ve been doing. With these planets in Aries you’ll be in a position to take yourself to a new level. You may feel like there’s a whole new you emerging. The Libra Full Moon is highlighting whatever you need to see in a new light and it reminds you to heal and reclaim yourself.

The Libra moon is also being energized by the North Node and Mars in Gemini, another air sign. It may be pushing you to communicate a particular message and ideas to move you forward. Gemini supports you in how you process information. Mars helps you take action on a new direction or following a choice you’ve been contemplating. Mars is supporting you in breaking through old stories and programming you’ve been looping in your mind. Mars is providing movement versus replaying the old tapes. Take action by doing release work to resolve these old patterns. Get energy work, take a yoga class, get out in nature, do whatever you need to help you stay grounded and continue the release work.

Tune into what inspiration you’re receiving.
Honor your ideas and inspirations.
Fine tune your desires to shift your results.

What will you do Release with the Libra Full Moon?

What parts of you or power will you Reclaim?

Happy Libra Full Moon!