Pisces New Moon – Dreamy

The Pisces New Moon is the last new moon of the astrological year. This New Moon is Dreamy and expansive.  With the sun, moon Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, there dream-like quality and an intuitive sense of being lead to higher realms. There  is an expansion taking place around your dreams and opening things up on a bigger level. The Pisces New Moon is helping you see options you never thought were possible. You may notice sudden intuitive inspiration that comes in to support your next steps. Each new moon has a feeling of new beginnings rebirth and a fresh start. It’s a great time to review your astrology birth chart so that you plant new intentions that relate to the astrology House it’s falling in for you. The New Moon is an introspective time to tune into what matters most and moves your goals forward towards manifesting the fabulous dream life you want.


The Pisce New Moon is receptive and feminine. It’s a time of rebirth and reinvention. Since this is the last new moon of the astrological year, notice where there is completion taking place in your life. This could be a relationship or friendship ending or perhaps a job. There may be a completion in a project or other areas of your life, such as selling a home and moving. Discover where this is happening in your life by pulling your astrology birth chart and seeing what astrology House 12 degrees of Pisces is taking place for you. With it being the last sign of the zodiac wheel notice what is ending for you.

March 2, 2022 at 12:34 pm ET (9:35 am PT) is the time of the Pisces New Moon. As a water sign is emotional and intuitive – sometimes feeling like a full moon. It helps you tune into your dreams, day dreams as well as intuitive messages you may be receiving. Take time to write about your dreams, discover hidden meanings to them, and how you are being guided to your next steps. As a highly creative sign, Pisces helps you use the power of your imagination. Allow it to run wild by listening to your intuition and allow a guided state of flow to creatively move through you. You may be surprised at what is created when you let go and be in flow.

Jupiter is conjunct the Sun and Moon at this New Moon. It’s a couple of degrees ahead of the Sun and Moon, which feel like it’s opening the door for the Sun and Moon to step through to something magical. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion. As it travels through an astrology sign it enhances the characteristics or the sign and house it falls in. Knowing where this is taking place in your astrology birth chart will help you set intentions and manifest from a higher frequency. Jupiter’s positive influence may help you see things different and heighten your intuition. Be open to inspired actions and follow your inner guidance. It is sure to lead you somewhere amazing. You may feel like you are getting a new lease on life with Jupiter the Sun and Moon in Pisces.

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The Sun and Moon and Jupiter feel like they are putting a period on some part of your life. As Jupiter expands the next steps, it feels like it is putting an end to something. As you close the door to some part of yourself or your life, it creates space for something new to come in. There is a sense of an upgraded version of you that will emerge with the new astrological year if you are willing to let go and trust everything is working out. You have intuitive messages about your next step to support your inner guidance.

The Pisces New Moon is providing a sense of closure. It is helping you have an understanding of what you have been transitioning through for the past year. There may be a deeper emotional awareness related to the healing work you have been doing. It is helping you call in something new and amazing that is aligned with what you want most. You may have inspiration about what you are calling in next.

Use journaling to express gratitude for what is leaving your life and to open up space for what is ready to be called forward. Write about inspiration and possibilities as you dream your life intot a new reality.

Other Astrology Influences

The personal planets are traveling with the outer planets at this New Moon. It is creating transformation on many different levels. Reviewing the Houses this is taking place for you will help you navigate transitions more clearly.

Venus, Mars & Pluto in Capricorn – Venus and Mars represent the feminine and masculine energies are traveling together. They are conjunct Pluto during the Pisces New Moon. Pluto is helping transform you on a deep level.  Pluto removes something that is ready to be relased before a rebirth happens. Finding out where this is taking place in your birth chart may help you easily navigate this transition. This is helping you reclaim your power and reprogram old patterns.

Mercury & Saturn in Aquarius – Mercury is helping you on a mental plane as you contemplate the reworkings of Saturn. Saturn is the planet that holds the energy of responsibility, authority, maturity and discipline. Discipline is often made out to be a bad thing. However, discipline is the ability to use your will and direct your energy towards the results you want most. Mercury plays with Saturn by communicating a new direction or taking responsibility for next steps. Saturn is helping you determine where you are going next and what you want to build. There is a sense of moving forward on a higher level.

North Node trine Pluto, Mars & Venus – This trine plays on the theme of new possibilities with the planets in Pisces. It’s providing a new path and way of doing things that is led from a higher plane. The North Node is the direction you are ultimately moving and it’s getting energized by Pluto, Mars and Venus. Tune into how this makes you feel. Use journaling to get ideas and inspiration down as you navigate this new moon energy.

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pisces new moon manifesting, astrology, empowerment, personal growth
pisces new moon, essential oils, manifesting, spiritual growth

Where are you noticing closures?
How are you being guided to the next steps?

Align your goals with your bigger vision.

Happy Pisces New Moon!