The New Moon
The new moon is a time for new beginnings, setting intentions, and working with the astrology sign and house it falls in for you. A new moon takes place about every 28 days. It is an introspective time, that helps you align more deeply with your goals and what you want to manifest.
Scorpio New Moon
The Scorpio New Moon will be a highly intuitive, emotional, and a transformative time. It takes place on November 18, 2017 at 6:42 am EST (3:42 am PST). To maximize this new moon, review your astrology birth chart and determine what House this new moon falls in for you. This will help you make better decisions and work with the deeply inspirational and creative energy this New Moon holds.
Power and Survival
Scorpio inspires you to dive deep into the abyss of your personal needs and wants. As a water sign, Scorpio supports you in focusing on precisely what you want and how to begin to create it. In order to create the new, you’ll want to release your grip on old patterns, programming, and perceptions to replace it with the new. Scorpio supports you in recognizing where you’ve given our power away and reclaiming it. Simply by determining what’s most important and valuable to you will set the stage for change. Slowing down is necessary as you dive in deep to your emotions and the hamster wheel, so you can focus on what you want most. This includes letting go of saying “yes” when you mean “no.”
Visualize Your Plan
This Scorpio New Moon holds the magnetic energy of an “8” since it is taking place at 26 degrees. The number 8 holds the vibration of “money and power.” Standing in your power is a practice that includes, setting and keeping healthy boundaries, honoring your uniqueness, and most importantly recognizing your worth and honoring it! The 8 energy also helps balance the material and immaterial worlds – supporting you in creating heaven on earth.
Here are five steps to support you with Scorpio:
1) Look at what is important and matters to you and let go of the rest
2) Strengthen your spiritual practice; even taking 3 long breaths every hour will help attune to energies around you
3) Slow down… slow down… slow down – getting caught in busyness stops your intuitive connection
4) Release resistance, believing that everything is working out for the best
5) Give yourself permission to surrendering, allowing the Universe to carry you whenever possible
Scorpio Inspires Faith
Scorpio symbolically represents death and rebirth. It reminds you that regeneration is possible at anytime. The sun and moon in Scorpio are getting an extra boost of transformation with Uranus opposite of them in Aries. Uranus is reminding you, or DEMANDING, that we must break up stagnation to open up for whatever is new. Where are you feeling stuck? Review your astrology birth chart for November 18, 2017 to see what “House” Scorpio and Aries are falling in for you. By releasing the old, you open up and attune with your inner guidance for what is most important to you. As you learn to stand in your “core values” you initiate a new dreams with a broader vision and harness your vision for the future you are creating. As a result, your faith will be renewed as you honor your new perspectives.
Attune to Your Soul Gifts
Scorpio helps you connect with your soul gifts. These are your unique gifts, that light up your heart. Your gifts add value to the world. They are blessings come from through your heart, not your head. Scorpio helps you connect more deeply with this inspiration and creativity. It supports you by giving your courage and to be an open, clear channel to the message you are meant to share. Are you willing to listen to the message and follow the guidance of your heart? Use these journal prompts to support you in discovering your soul’s desires.
Restoring Balance
Essential oils are a powerful tool that support opening the heart and helping you restore love and trust within yourself and others. Three of my favorite oils for the Scorpio New Moon are Cilantro, Bergamot, and doTERRA’s Align Blend. Theses oils applied over the heart or along the spine will support letting go (Cilantro), boosting self confidence (Bergamot) and aligning with your higher soul’s purpose (doTERRA’s Align Blend) Join us right after the New Moon call for our Good Vibe Oil Tribe essential oils class. You’ll learn more about how they support you with manifesting, as well as how they support you – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Gratitude Journal – One of the most powerful practices we can adopt is an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is a Gift we give ourselves. It expands our energy and the magnetic field of the heart, and it raises your vibration so you attract and manifest more.
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