New Moons are a time of new beginnings.
It’s about planting new seeds and focusing on the area of your astrology chart where Pisces is located. The Pisces New Moon is heightened by a solar eclipse. It takes place on February 26, 2017 at 9:58am EDT (6:58am PDT). Like all new beginnings this is a time to assess your situation and see where this Pisces new moon falls in your chart.
Solar Eclipse are like super big new moons.
They intensify and boost our intentions. The solar eclipse and new moon will intensify new beginnings. What is coming to a close for you? Where does this new moon fall in your chart? For me it is activating natal Venus in my 7th House – the House of Partnerships. So I am looking at what is coming up for me related to new partnerships and relationships. This is very interesting because I have been putting out to the Universe to bring me 8 new partners. So now that I know this new moon/eclipse will support that I will focus intently on these intentions and see what develops.
Eclipses act as portals.
They shift the electromagnetic field around the earth providing deep changes within us. This of it as a cosmic reboot. As such we are receiving information and insight from a higher level. When we are prepared for this time, we can make the most of it by being receptive and allowing the natural flow of energy. With this divine intervention, you may experience transitions that seem “out of the blue.” Perhaps you experience a shift of awareness that helps you see yourself or situations from a different perspective. They can “push” you forward – launching you closer towards your goals. Since this eclipse is in Pisces you may feel even more divinely connected or be aware of information that helps you put the pieces of the puzzle together.
Letting Go!
This eclipse and new moon supports us in letting go of collective fears and emotional wounds. One of the deep core wounds we are collectively resolving relates to the inability to take full responsibility for one’s emotions. There is a tendency to blame or project emotions onto others. Do you see this taking place in your life? Where can you take full responsibility for all of your emotions and what is taking place in your life? The moment you do, you release being victimized by anything and anyone. It’s a vital step to our evolution and ultimately freedom! This is the last eclipse we will be experiencing in Pisces for the next 18 years. So make note of how it is influencing you! For me, it affects my natal moon, Chiron, and Venus – which is about healing deep emotions (moon), core wounds (Chiron) and expressing myself through love, money, and relationships (Venus). This is very symbolic for my life as my Metaphysical Wealth Coaching practice has just been pushed into a higher realm. So exciting! So review your natal birth chart to see what is being highlighted for you during this time.
Pisces New Moon
With the solar eclipse and Pisces energy is a highly intuitive time. For a few days before the new moon you may feel the subtle energies calling you. It’s a time to slow down. Through stillness you can attune to the messages and inspiration you’re receiving. Also use your dream time and daydreams to see what wants to be known. By listening to the messages the days just prior to the new moon, you may receive insight into what new seed wants to be planted and expressed through you.
Magical design
The Pisces energy provides a sense of magic as the underworld of emotions are brought to the surface. This could be a bit unsettling if you face changes with fear and resistance. But if you are willing you can observe the emotions without the need to control. It’s not always easy to do, but with the right spiritual tools you too can navigate this time with ease and grace. Manifesting your magical life is dependent upon your ability to let go of control, release feeling victimized, and overall fears. The rewards definitely outweighs the risk of holding onto the patterns and programming. If you really want to make a leap of consciousness this year, join us for Transform Your Money $tory.
This 10 month program works with Mercury (communication) in the 3 money houses (Taurus 2nd, Virgo 6th, Capricorn 10th) to help you re-write the story you are projecting around money. This helps you navigate your fears and relationships to money and yourself, re-writing your relationships, as well as finding your purpose and following your passion. Click here to learn more about [button text=”Transform Your Money $tory” type=”link” size=”medium” rounded=”false” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green” ].
The program begins in May 16 2017!
Pisces is associated with the pineal gland and part of the third eye.
It helps you in processing information you receive from your Divine power. This supports your spiritual connection and awakening. It is enhanced through following your intuition. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the wake/sleep patterns and seasonal patterns. Imbalances in this chakra may show up as headaches, dizziness, foggy thinking, vision issues, sinus issues, nervousness, sleep patterns, lack of inspiration, perceptiveness, and intuition. Meditation, spending time in nature, using essential oils, practicing yoga, or prayer, and practicing these mantras can help restore balance within the pineal gland.
Tools for the Pisces New Moon
Each new moon provides you with an opportunity to go inward and explore what wants to be known or expressed through you. Since the Pisces new moon relates to connecting deeply with your intuition and the Divine, use these journal prompts to shift perspectives and understand yourself better. As a result of entertaining these prompts, your soul may inspire you to take action in an unexpected way. Expressing your thoughts in written form is such a powerful tool to organize your thoughts and clarify emotions that are coming up.
Essential Oils and the Pisces New Moon
Essential oils support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They naturally work with you body’s chemistry to restore balance, helping you shift perspectives, dissolve old patterns and programming. Pisces supports us in connecting more deeply with our Divinity and shift our way of being. Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, and Frankincense are some of my favorite oils to support spiritual development. In using these tools you may develop a deeper connection with your intuition by finding information that validates what you feel within.
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Pisces New Moon Conference Call
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You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call we be recorded and posted shortly after the live event.
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Enjoy the benefits of this deeply transformational time with the Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse!