Dive in deep with the Pisces New Moon.  It’s the last new moon of the astrology year! As a water sign, it’s highly intuitive and emotional. It’s supporting you to take a deep dive into your dreams and heart’s desires. Each New Moon helps you step into and master yourself. It’s an opportunity to set new intentions, expand your vision and create goals aligned with where the sun and moon are falling in your chart.

Pisces dreamy-like state is encouraging the flow of your inner world and bringing it to reality. As a water sign it is emotional and intuitive. The Pisces New Moon takes place on March 13, 2021 at 5:21 am ET (2:21 am PT). Pisces is dreamy and magical. It connects to the etheric realm. It inspires you to daydream and lose your sense of reality, allowing something more magical to come into your life. It’s teaches you to let go of the lists and logic, and feel into what’s right for you. This helps you dream a new life. Tune into your dreams at this time as they may be very revealing of what needs to be released or provides insight into your next step. The Piscean energy is like having a direct connection with your higher-self. It helps you align with and stream Divine consciousness. The Pisces New Moon helps you tune into unconditioinal love and connecting deeply with its flow.

Neptune in Pisces is enhancing the dreaming quality of this New Moon. The sun is shining it’s light on Neptune, helping you unravel secrets, disceptions and what’s been hidden. You may see the truth of a particular situation or about something yourself. Disconnect from whatever limitations are being revealed so you allow yourself to be transformed. You won’t be disappointed.

What inner promptings are you listening to or ignoring? What are you being drawn towards? The promptings are guiding you towards your path and the resources you need to achieve it. Practice playing with your intuition. When you ask a question of your higherself, trust your first inclination or thought, even if it feels out of place or illogical. Your inner guidance speaks in subtle tones and nudges.

Pisces awakens you to your higher purpose. Her energy is reflective, helping you see progress you’ve made through the astrological year. It is both a time of review of the past and preparation for the new astrological year. Working with Pisces can help boost your progress. Her dreamy state takes you between what is real and ideal. It’s intuitive and instinctual. It provides an opportunity to review what you’ve achived, released and integrated over the past year, and mindfully prepare for the new one. Learning where Pisces falls in your chart will help you navigate and maximize it’s influence. It is a significant time to find closure with past issues and strengthen your position for the new beginnings.

With Aquarius + Pisces there is a lot of support for transformation. There are three planets in Aquarius – Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter and four planets in Pisces – Sun, Moon, Neptune and Venus. The planets in Pisces are helping you connect more deeply with your Creator and unconditional love. This energy is highly creative, expansive, dreamy and beauty. Pisces is intuitive. You may “feel” you need to move in a particular direction, yet your logical mind stops you. Allow yourself to flow with your inner guidance. The planets in Aquarius are working on the mental plane – especially the higher mind. This is encouraging you to be innovative and futuristic, and to navigate the present using your inner guidance. Practice using your inner state as your guidance system. You may have surprising results when you let go of the logic and tune into your intuition. Where are you being guided? When you trust your guidance, the flow of your life will be more effortless.  Being in flow provides significant growth in less time.  What helps you step into your inner state and align with your intuition?

Other Planetary Influences
Saturn and Uranus continue to clash. Saturn wants to stay in the old patterns and Uranus is pushing for new standards. Allow the old to easily fall away. Resistance to whatever is transitioning creates frustration and strife. Keep your focus on what is coming out of transitions in your life and around you, and expand your enthusiasm for what’s new with gratitude and joy. Utilize your spiritual practice to stay centered and move through transitions with ease and grace.

Mars has moved into Gemini, giving new inspiration and may help clarify your dreams. Mars and Saturn are at a trine during the New Moon. This aspect inspires invention, creativity and action. It’s expanding new technologies and inventions that will support you in the long run. It may inspire you to think outside of the box and see new perspectives about your life and the future.

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Tune into your intuition.
Be receptive and open to inspiration.
Align with your heart’s desires.

What intentions will you set with the Pisces New Moon?

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