Scorpio New Moon

We dive into Scorpio seeason with a splash! Scorpio is an intense water sign and we are stepping into a pivotal period with the lunar eclipse later in November and a total solar eclipse in December.  The Scorpio New Moon kicks off this time with a deep dive into emotions and transformation. Each new moon is a time for planting ideas and begining new projects. The New Moon is an introspective time and Scorpio is taking on an inner journey of possible death and rebirth.

Progress & Action

The Scorpio New Moon is a transformative New Moon. As a water sign, Scorpio is emotional and intense. It dives deep into the hidden areas of your mind and psyche. Scorpio reveals secrets and hidden elements are brought to light. Secrets may be revealed, and you may be breaking free of untruths you’ve told yourself, or this may be taking place in your community or on the world stage. Be mindful of what is coming up. This is an opportunity to be Decisive and take a stand.

The Scorpio New Moon is taking place on November 4, 2021 at 5:15 pm ET (2:15 pm PT).  The Sun, Moon and Mars in Scorpio are  helping you transform old patterns, and empower you. Scorpio also brings to light issues around money – especially wealth, stock markets, shared money, such as inheritances, loans and mortgages. It’s a good time to review finances and align your spending strategy with your financial goals.

Uranus is sitting directly opposite the sun and moon. As if Scorpio wasn’t intense enough, Uranus is the rebel, creating situations that are shocking and disruptive. It’s shaking you out of old patterns – which may including how you used to spend money and returning to a simpler way of being (Uranus in Taurus).

Scorpio New Moon

Mars is trailing behind the sun and moon in Scorpio, pushing things forward. It’s quite comfortable in Scorpio since Mars is also intense. It wants to take action and get something done, but may feel restricted by Saturn. As you set your intentions with the Scorpio New Moon, consider Mars the fuel to launch them forward. Then as eclipse season comes up later in November, you may see significant progress in your goals.

Cosmic Support

Scorpio brings change. The Scorpio Sun & Moon along with Uranus opposite them is creating sudden changes and shocks that move you in a new direction. It’s transforming old patterns and pushing you towards new ones. Uranus is awakening you to higher levels of yourself and cosmic information. The time between the Scorpio New Moon and the Taurus Full Moon on November 16th may feel like you’ve been placed in a pressure cooker. The heat is turned up to transform – and your choice is to do it the easy way or the hard way. Release resistance. Surrender to what is transforming. Observe yourself and your life and be mindful of your emotions and reactions so that you avoid blowing up.

Since Scorpio is a water sign, it supports you in working with what’s under the surface. It’s tenacious and gets to the root of issues – espcially related to your personal power. Scorpio helps you reclaim your personal power by observing how you interact with others. Are you setting personal boundaries? Are you giving your power away to others? This New Moon helps you reclaim yourself by breaking through emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. This is a great New Moon for energy work like accupuncture, chakra balancing, breath work or anything else that resolves pent up energy and restores balance.

Other Planetary Influences

Mars in Scorpio is approaching a square with Saturn. Mars wants to push forward, it’s the activator. With the Saturn square there’s a sense of putting on the breaks or something is happening to slow things down. This pause is helping you align with what you want most versus blindly charging forward. Uranus is also communicating with this square since it’s been square dancing with Saturn this year. These three planets are driving you deeper into your higher desires and aligning with your values – letting go of the people and situations that no longer fit who you are becoming.

Venus has been dancing with the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. The Galatic Center is where you access deep cosimic wisdom. Venus in this position has been gathering information about what you Love and Value most, bringing it to the forefront of your intuitive mind. With the Scorpio New Moon you may have insights moving you in a different direction or validating the direction you’re moving. Use this time to tune in even deeper to insight, ideas and inspiration that’s aligning you with your soul’s desires.

Saturn has moved direct and approaching the last exact square with Uranus on December 24th. A few days after the Scorpio New Moon, Saturn will be at a square with Mars, slowing movement so you can re-evaluate what you want most and what you can let go of now. Saturn has been updating old perceptions related to your perceptions of authority, responsibility and restrictions.

It’s helping you see limiting beliefs that are no longer functional so you can release them and install new programming and patterns that align with what you want.

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Scorpio Journal Prompts
doTERRA essential oils & Scorpio New Moon

What’s transforming in your life?
Where are you being Decisive and taking action?

Set your intentions to align with making these changes.

What goals will you set with the Scorpio New Moon?

Happy Scorpio New Moon!