The Aquarius Full Moon is filled with oppositions of several planets. The opposing forces are between the past and what’s felt comfortable and the future and what you want to create next. With this taking place, you may feel you’re standing at a crossroads in multiple areas of your life, trying to decide the best options. Anytime there’s change, there’s an uncomfortableness as you navigate the energies. Your default (everyone’s default) is back to your comfort zone, even when you want different results. Notice what emotions and areas of your life are being highlighted with the Full Moon. It’s reflecting where you need to focus your attention.

Aquarius Full Moon
The Aquarius Full Moon is highlighting future you and asking you to be open to possibilities. This Full Moon may be pushing you out of your comfort zone and supporting you in moving in the direction you want. Aquarius represents the “future” you. What is pulling at you?  Aquarius is supporting you in discovering this change.

The Aquarius Full Moon takes place on  July 23, 2021 at 10:36 pm ET (7:36 pm PT).  The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle. It highlights your life and the direction you should move. The Full Moon represents completion or a culmination of your efforts. Review your birth chart to see where this is the Aquarius Full Moon is taking place for you.

There’s an opportunity for transformation in your growth and goals with the Aquarius Full Moon. Tune into what area of your birth chart this is affecting so you can make the most of it. Shortly before the moon reaches Aquarius is crosses over Pluto which is helping you transform old patterns and programming.

Future Vision
The Aquarius/Leo opposition is a reminding you to balance the needs of others (Aquarius) and your personal needs (Leo). Aquarius represents the people and joining together in groups or grass roots changes. This full moon is the first of two Aquarius Full Moons. Since this one is happening at early degrees of the sign and the other Aquarius Full Moon a month from now, it will be interesting to see what differences you feel around each of these full moons.

The Full Moon is literally sandwiched between Pluto (Capricorn) and Saturn (Aquarius). Both of these powerhouse planets may be reflecting abuses of power (Pluto) and structure/responsibility issues (Saturn). How have those themes played out in your life? Pluto in Capricorn represents the outer world. You may clearly see power struggles you’ve faced and finally be able to heal and resolve these energetic/emotional imbalances. Pluto is also opposing Mercury, bringing to light communicating your findings and reclaiming your power.

Aquarius represents the future. It’s innovative, thought provoking, inventive and creative. The sun in Leo is providing a strong sense of self, helping you align with what you love. Aquarius is propelling you to take things in a new direction. It may be amplifying what you love and seeing new ways of getting it out into the world. Because of the rebellious energy of Aquarius, you make feel like you’re fighting old systems as you breakthrough and create something new. Aquarius pushes for truth and disclosure, and holds you to a higher standard. Embrace it!

Other Planetary Influences

In addion to the Sun and Moon being opposite each other, we have several other planets in opposition. This may be causing internal conflict and strife. It’s human nature to gravitate toward what is normal and familar, yet that’s not how to grow and evolve. The oppositions are creating choices between where you’ve been and where you’re going. This is  a time to re-evaluate your personal needs, values, communication, structures and person power.

The Jupiter & Saturn conjunction in December 2020 is being repeated with this Aquarius Full Moon. The current Full Moon is taking place at the same degree that conjunction took place in 2020. Again, there is a recurring theme of between reviewing the past and assessing your future. This Full Moon may have a deja-vu type feeling.  There may be repeating themes come up for you about moving forward, connecting with the right people (connection & community), receiving new information that supports you.

Venus (Virgo) opposing Jupiter (Pisces) is creating a difference of opinions. There may be a shift in your values and determining what you want (Venus) versus what’s been important in the past. Jupiter is retrograde in Aquarius until October helping you revisit what may have rapidly expanded during the first five months of 2021. This time of re-evaluation is helping you assess what you value most and align your energy with it.

Mercury (Cancer) opposite Pluto (Capricorn) may create conflict between communication (Mercury) and power (Pluto). Pluto is the planet of transformation. This opposition may impact your ability to speak up. Or perhaps you feel yourself holding back because of a loss of power in the past. It’s an important time to speak your truth, even if the results are not what you expect.

Find where each of these oppositions/transitions are taking place in your chart to assess any patterns or themes. Or notice which area of your life is being particularly highlighted with the Aquarius Full Moon.

Because the full moon reflects what needs to transform, remember you may be triggered or annoyed by other peoples’ behavior. Notice what emotions are being brought up. Use journaling, meditation and other spiritual practices to feel your emotions and resolve them.

Tune into any conflict that needs to be resolved – including internal conflict.
Honor what’s emotionally is coming up and mindfully transform it.
Focus on what you want to create more of in the future.

What will you do Release with the Aquarius Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Aquarius Full Moon!