Complexities Arise with the Scorpio Full Moon.
Although the full moons always add complexity, the Scorpio pushes us past our limits to transform. It supports change. In fact, it demands change. This full moon is typically one that shakes us to the core. It reminds us to let go and align ourselves with our higher good.
The Scorpio Full Moon occurs on
Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 11:44pm ET (8:44pm PT).

Each full moon reminds us to seek balance between opposing forces. The Scorpio – Taurus axis explores values and resources. Scorpio focuses on shared resources and collective values. It supports us as we face difficult decisions about who we are and what we value. It encourages us to let go the extraneous and embrace simplicity. On the opposite side, Taurus focuses on personal resources, material goods, possessions, and values. Taurus wants us to enjoy the material tangible aspects of life, while Scorpio draws our attention to the mysteries and intangible elements.
Scorpio reminds us to let go of the story.
It takes us deep into the realms of our psyche related to the stories we tell ourselves. Scorpio wants us to purge and release them so we write a new script. It is often easier to blame others or hold onto the past. Scorpio supports us in restructuring parts of our lives that haven’t been working. It helps us resolve the past and reinvent a healthier, happier future.
The Full Moon energy is raw, emotional, and uninhibited.
It’s bursting with whatever has been building inside since the new moon. Between now and the next new moon we have the opportunity to discover what that means to us. Take note of emotions that are triggered as they are a good indicator of what needs to be addressed.
Ideally the Full Moon reminds us to find balance.
We live in a world of duality. The full moons remind us to seek balance in all aspects of our lives. As we seek balance between personal resources (Taurus) and complexities of shared resources (Scorpio) we can ultimately learn there is plenty for everyone. Collectively we are moving out of a scarcity/greed model which tells us that resources are limited, and we are moving into abundance model where everything flows.
Where do you still tie into scarcity mode?
This full moon may highlight areas where scarcity is still a part of your energy. Our awareness of this is the first step in resolving it. We can overcome this past programming through mindfulness. Asking simple questions such as:
– Why am I acting this way?
– What is causing me to react like this?
– Where do I still hold fear and scarcity?
These types of questions help us shift our awareness so we consciously choose a different path.
Balance the complexities of the Scorpio Full Moon
through mindful exercises, meditation, yoga, digging in the garden, and using essential oils such as white fir, juniper berry, frankincense, cinnamon, or any other oils that help you feel grounded. Using grounding techniques helps shift our perspective so we are more heart centered versus analytical.
“Ease and flow are all I know”
is a great mantra to help you ride the tide of the Scorpio Full Moon.