The Pisces Full Moon.
Takes place on Saturday August 29, 2015 at 2:37pm EDT (11:37am PDT). Pisces influences spiritual pursuits, limitlessness, illusion, the unseen, and imagination. As a water sign, it helps you delve into the hidden aspects to resolve deep seated issues and enhance your intuition.
Unlimited Possibilities.
Pisces helps you make sense of life. It helps bring all the pieces together. It is symbolic of the boundless ocean of unlimited possibilities. The Pisces full moon is generous, compassionate, intuitive, and kind-hearted. Because of it’s natural state of duality (two fish swimming in opposition) Pisces may also drum up moodiness, hypersensitivity, and doses of self-pity. The key to navigating churning emotions is compassion, balance, and accepting change.
The veil between worlds is thin.
The Pisces Full moon represents a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thin. You may experience bursts of insight, feel more intuitive, or have intense dreams. There are messages that may be coming through from your guides that provide direction for your path. Be attuned to hunches, coincidences, and repeating messages from other people or situations outside of yourself. What are you feeling or thinking in these moments? These are clues that help you align with your higher purpose.
Random acts of service.
Pisces inspires compassion. You may feel inspired to help others connect with something larger than ourselves. Deeply connecting to your spirituality on all levels is ideal. Compassion is one of the most healing forces on the planet. It opens our hearts as well as those who receive compassion. Holding a vibration of unconditional love is one of the most powerful forces you can create. It shifts your vibe and what you attract, and everyone around you also feels elevated by your presence. During the Pisces Full Moon do what you can to hold that consistent vibe and see what shifts for you. Performing simple random acts of service boosts your serotonin levels – the feel good neurotransmitter. It is believed to enhance a sense of well-being and increases happiness.
Tap into your vivid imagination.
Impressions and messages from your guides are heightened with the Pisces Full Moon. Tapping into your intuition and visualizing the results you want are intensified with this full moon. There may be shifts of perspective that help you see new options in achieving your goals. It is a process where you move forward step by step without knowing the entire course. Take time to meditate and contemplate important decisions. Listen to the guidance of your heart versus head. This is your life. Like an artist you decide the theme of the background and foreground of your life. Make decisions that move you closer to living your dream. Remember that making no decision is the same thing as saying, “I want everything to stay the same.” Be bold and creative when envisioning your amazing life!
Pisces reminds you to surrender. The full moon has a way of uncovering whatever emotions you need to release. It brings up stuff like feeling unsupported, unresolved emotional wounds, addictions and means of escape come to light, and anything else that is sabotaging your progress. Limitations and fears are highlighted at this time so you can see where you’ve been getting in your own way in resolving them. This is full moon is a great time to ask yourself,

  • What habits do I need to change to achieve my goals?
  • Why do I hold onto particular behaviors or beliefs?
  • What delusions do I need to release?”
  • Who do I need to forgive?
  • How do I follow my soul’s desires?
  • Pisces supports you in releasing resentments, judgement, grudges, and codependence. This includes self-judgement and forgiving yourself. Pisces reminds you to accept what is and to focus on only you. You’re only responsible for your life. Other people will have opportunities to heal, with or without your help. By letting go of what you cannot change and focusing on what you can change, you lighten your load.
    Create a ritual around the full moon.
    Ponder the questions above, journal emotions that come up, and visualize your ideal life are great exercises to engage you imagination and spiritual development. Pisces dreamy energy may inspire the changes you’ve been asking for. Use water elements such as spending time by water, swimming, or taking a hot bath, allowing or visualizing the water to rinse away the impurities.
    Essential oils and the Pisces Full Moon
    – Juniper berry and cypress support moving the water in the body. They both support the kidney meridian and enhancing the body’s natural flow.
    – Roman chamomile, frankincense, and sandalwood enhance spiritual development. These high vibrating oils support seeing your higher purpose, so you can be in the world, but not of it. And understand your purpose.
    The Pisces Full Moon is a time to reflect and unmask any illusions and fears that hold you back from your amazing life! Take time to address any blocks and behaviors that are coming up, releasing them for good.