Capricorn New Moon – Productive

Ring in the New Year with the Capricorn New Moon! The astrology with the Capricorn New Moon is helping you manifest your goals and what matters most to you. What better time to set your New Year’s intentions than with a New Moon. The Capricorn New Moon helps you setup your success by helping you be Committed and Productive. This is a great time to get clear on what you can really manage so that you’re not over committed and burnout. As the first New Moon of the New Year it’s a good time to assess what you’re taking with you in the New Year and what you’re leaving behind. Each new moon is a time powerful time to review your astrology birth chart so that you plant your ideas and intentions for your goals. The New Moon is an introspective time to tune into what matters most and moves your goals forward towards manifesting the extraordinary life that is your birthright.

Prosperity & Abundance

There’s no better time to ignite your Prosperity and Abundance than with the Capricorn New Moon. The new year holds the energy of a “6” in numerology.  And the number 6 is all about Balance, Harmony, Love and Family. Capricorn is a fabulous month to manifest your goals in physical form or set yourself up for an Abundant and Productive year. As an earth sign, Capricorn helps you anchor your ideas in physical form, giving you the courage to put one foot in front of the other.

January 2, 2022 at 1:33 pm ET (10:33 am PT) is the exact time of the Capricorn New Moon.  There are four planets in Capricorn – the Sun, Moon, Pluto and Venus.  These planets are helping you upgrade your vision and what you’re ready to accomplish in the New Year. Venus is aligning you with what you love and value most and Pluto is transforming your power.

Mercury, the planet of communication, has just moved into Aquarius. During December it was helping you verbalize what you want and now the Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto are helping you create it in physical form. This special New Moon is setting the tone for the New Year and all you want to manifest. Use your astrology birth chart to find out where Capricorn is for you and maximize your ability to manifest your specific goals by knowing what astrology House it falls in for you.

capricorn new moon, manifesting, astrology, essential oils

capricorn new moon, manifesting, essential oils, astrology

Practicality & Strategy

Capricorn takes a practical approach to manifesting. It helps you set your goals and create a strategy to help you achieve them. Think of it like hiking up the mountain. Your goals are the end result and the map to get you there are the action steps you need to take. As an earth sign, Capricorn represents the goat climbing the mountain. It’s helping you assess the next steps that are necessary for your success. Capricorn helps you make lists towards what daily steps you need to take to reach them. Capricorn helps you get results. It’s tenactious energy helps you see things through.

Saturn, which is in Aquarius, rules Capricorn. You may have a lot of new ideas or inspiration to move your goals forward. It’s helping you to aspire to a higher version of yourself and take that vision to the next level. There may be insights into something that’s new and exciting. Saturn has been restructuring you and helping you see what you’re really capable of doing and becoming. Even if you’re not sure what the next version of you is, Saturn and 2022 may be providing glimpses of possibilities – Better and Bolder YOU in 2022!

Mercury is preparing to go retrograde in mid-January and will be dipping back into Capricorn for second half of the month. With both Mercury and Venus retrograde in Capricorn, this is helping you rework any details or reconsider the path towards whatever you’re manifesting. This is a time to slow down and go within instead of taking cues from the outside world. It may be helping you revisit and revise your goals as new information comes to light. Once these planets move direct you’ll have more clarity on the path to take.

Other Astrology Influences

Mars – in Sagittarius is at a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius. This positive placement gives you the endurance to succeed. Mars is energizing your ideas into action as Saturn provides new perspectives into your path. Saturn is upgrading your skills so that you’re ready to move forward. There is so much transitioning now, be open and adapt to the road, letting go of expectations. It may be different than you expect. Mars is helping you have faith in the vision Saturn is leading you towards. This could be bigger goals that you’ve never achieved. Be open to what you’re attracting and trust what is coming together that is helping you move forward.

Saturn & Uranus have are still communicating as they are only 1 degree apart. Notice any areas of your life where you’re feeling restricted or wanting more freedom. These two powerhouses will continue to transform old systems to prepare the space for something new and amazing. Release any resistance to change and embrace uncertainty.

The North Node has moved out of Gemini and into Taurus until mid-2023. In Taurus there is an upgrade in your values, self-worth, money system and creating  sustainability. As the North Node moves through Taurus, it’s helping you determine what you value most and align with it. Are you seeing a similar theme to Venus retrograde in Capricorn? Venus will be Trining the North Node in January bring an extra dose of personal evaluation in determining what you want most. Knowing what Astrology House Taurus falls in for you will help you get clarity about how to maximize the path of the North Node. Pluto will be at a Trine with the North Node helping you transform your personal power. It’s helping you build something new. The North Node will support you with how to create it. Tune into what you value most and where the North Node is in your chart to get clues into this year and what you want to manifest. Review your astrology birth chart – click here to learn how to pull your chart to determine where these two planets are impacting your personal life.

Jupiter – has moved into Pisces for 2022. Jupiter brings luck and expansion into whatever astrology sign it moves through. In Pisces, it’s expanding your spiritual growth. It expands your sensitivity and intuition and helps you be more aware of these subtle inner energies. The energy of Pisces is helping you tune in even deeper and discover how to trust your inner guidance.  The energies of your intuition expand during meditation and your dream time. Pay attention to messages by writing about it or acknowledge what you’re sensing. This highly intuitive sign will help you align with your higher-self to get more direction.

New Moon Masterclass

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Practice being mindful – shifting lower vibrating ones to higher thoughts, managing your emotions, breathing deeply and being present. These simple tools shift your awareness and raise your vibe.

sagittarius new moon manifesting, astrology, empowerment, personal growth
sagittarius new moon, essential oils, manifesting, spiritual growth

Where is the New Year leading you?
Use the powerful Capricorn New Moon to set your intentions for it?

Align your goals with what the New Year Vibe.

What goals will you set with the New Year?

Happy Capricorn New Moon!