The sun and moon unite with the Gemini New Moon. It’s a highly mental energy that stimulates ideas and creativity. Each new moon is a time of initiation, and planting new seeds of intention. It’s a clean slate, and a time to begin new projects.  The moon stirs your emotions and reminds you to flow with nature’s rhythms and tides.

Gemini New Moon
The airy Gemini New Moon is versatile and adaptable.  It’s a highly creative time that may help you reinvent yourself. It’s an interesting New Moon in the fact that we’re experiencing a time of adaptability and change. With this New Moon you have have innovative new ideas that inspire you to move in a new direction. Gemini is symbolic of duality, and this new moon is taking place at 2 degrees – the number of duality. It may feel like there are two sides to every situation, or playing both sides of the coin.

The Gemini New Moon takes place on May 22, 2020 at 1:39 pm ET (10:39 am PT). Gemini also helps you align with new possibilities. Since it rules communication, it’s important to make sure you’re effectively communicating the intended message. The Gemini New moon is also enhanced because Mercury and Venus are also in Gemini.

Mercury rules the Gemini and communication of all forms. It’s sitting next to Venus – the planet of love, money and personal values. Venus is helping you communicate better, especially related to what you value most.

What House in your birth chart is the New Moon falling in for you? Knowing this will give you insight into what area of your life this is affecting and what is unfolding for you.

Neptune in Pisces is squaring Venus and Mercury in Gemini. The position of these planets are helping you see a new perspective or consider new possibilities. Neptune is related to your higher-self and working with you if you allow it. Neptune in Pisces is deeply sensitive and playing with your emotions.

Venus is in Gemini through August. Venus is the planet of love and money. It’s influencing ideas, communication and opportunities to network. It’s helping you tune into and communicate a new message of truth. What is she teaching you? She is presenting new options and possibilities, reminding you to stay mentally aware. She’s rewiring and activating your voice. Allow yourself the freedom to dream and breakout of your old value system. Mercury in Gemini is helping you communicate what you value. Gemini is a highly mental energy that rules the logical mind.

Saturn in Aquarius and helping you create new structure. Saturn is providing a sense of guidance for ideas being generated with the New Moon. Saturn is in a trine position to the sun and moon. With so much mutable energy, Saturn will feel like the stable authority figure providing direction.

Review your astrology birth chart and find out where these major changes are taking place. Look for patterns that give you insight into what you’re being called to do.  It provides a road map so you make the most of moving forward.

Tools for the Gemini New Moon

Essential oils work with your body’s chemistry to restore balance. They are an effective way to manage your physical body and emotions. What essential oils are you drawn to use for the New Moon?

Lavender & Bergamot – support you in speaking up and expressing your message. Bergamot enhances your self worth and confidence.

Frankincense  – supports your brain health. It may help clear foggy thinking and support you in seeing things more clearly. It dispels illusion, helping you see the truth. As you open up to new possibilities, seeing options that you may have never considered.

Cilantro – is an herb that supports releasing toxins. It encourages you to emotionally let go of the old and be open to something new.

Wild Orange – is uplifting and invigorating. It is like liquid sunshine in a bottle. It inspires creativity and optimism, seeing new possibilities. It helps you follow creative impulses and be open to new solutions. It’s uplifting aroma is one that makes me smile.

What essential oils are you using for the Gemini New Moon? 

Journal with the Gemini New Moon
You may be overwhelmed or inspired at this time. Writing is a powerful way to get your ideas, fears and emotions out on paper. Journal about whatever is most on your mind.  This new moon is a great one to visualize and dream a new reality. Dream big and let your imagination run wild. If 90 year old you looked back, how would you advise yourself to proceed now?

Daydream Meditation: With the Gemini New Moon let your imagination run wild.  Take time to daydream. Let your mind wander and tune into all the crazy ideas that crop up. Write about them. Keep it simple, seeing where it leads you. What are you passionate about or inspired by?  Write about your New Moon goals and engage all of your senses “as if” you’ve already achieved it. Be creative and free flow with journaling, allowing yourself to dream a new reality.

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The Gemini New Moon affects your daily patterns.   
It’s helping you make new plans and figure out the next step.

What area of your life is this New Moon influencing?

What intentions are you setting for the New Moon?

How will you stay aligned with and take action towards your goals?

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