The Gemini Full Moon/Eclipse brings choices.  Gemini is symbolically shown as the twins. It provides information and choices. It’s breaking you free from the old way of thinking and doing things. The Full Moon is the highest point of the lunar cycle. It presents an opportunity to see the culmination of your efforts or perhaps closure and a sense completion.

Gemini Full Moon 
The Gemini Full Moon helps you see differnt options and choose a new path.  It helps you see more clearly how you’ve been holding yourself back and what options you have moving forward. It supports you in shifting your perspective and then attract new possibilties. All change begins with a desire for a different outcome, then mindfully make choices that move you into new patterns.

The Gemini Full Moon takes place on November 30, 2020 at 4:29 am ET ( 1:29 am PT) when the sun and moon are opposite each other. The eclipse intensifies the full moon, shining it’s light on what wants to be known. The moon in Gemini rules the lower mind – the intellect, thinking, learning, speaking, writing and networking. It’s easy to become scattered with the full moon, and lack of direction or feel confused. If this is the case for you, realize it’s a temporary state and you will have clarity soon. There may be waves of communication that cause you to discern and determine how that information affects you. This year has been about revealing secrets and full disclosure, versus receiving some verion of the truth. You’re now in a position to fully see the truth and uncover hidden elements of your own life and people around you that will help you make choices towards the future you want.

The full moon provides closure or a culmination of energy. Understanding what area of your birth chart this is influencing you will support you in addressing specific issues and see what area of life is coming to completion or closure. An eclipse intensifies the feeling of closure and finality, so again, review where this is happening in your chart. The North Node is also in Gemini pushing you towards your future. The North Node represents growth and provides insight into your path. Where you may feel closure with the Full Moon, the North Node is a beacon of light for the future. For example, this full moon/eclipse is taking place at the last degree of my 10th house (career). Yesterday I decided to tell the few accounting clients I have that I will wrap-up the year for them, and they need to find someone new for 2021. I’m completely letting go of accounting and fully embracing my passion of empowering women by skyrocketing their success through coaching, VIP workshops, teaching courses on breaking through money/success blocks, offering retreats and aligning women with their sacred success. Even in writing this post, I feel so supported and validated in my decision. With the Gemini Full Moon what will you release? What will you embrace?

Since Gemini rules communication, it’s an opportunities to tune into your self-talk. Where are you creating limitations or stopping yourself from fully expressing yourself? What tools do you use to stop the inner critic? Interrupting the cycle is so vital to shifting your results.

The Sagittarius Sun is opposite the moon. It’s giving you a glimpse of the next step, the highest vision and expression of yourself. Uranus is influencing Sagittarius – bringing in truth and the higher purpose.  It’s adventurous and inquisitive nature questions the old way of doing things. This simple act of mindfulness begins to shift your patterns towards what you want to create. Use this positive aspect to reinvent yourself.

This full moon reminds you to honor your thoughts, dreams and goals. It’s giving you a glimpse of the future. Before the holidays get too busy, take time to reflect on what you’ve achieved. It’s definately been an introspective year of personal growth and clearing out the fluff. What have you achieved over the past year? How have you grown? What spiritual lessons have you mastered? What new tools are you using? What do you want to take with you into the New Year?

Think about what you want to do and who you want to become. Write a new contract with the Universe to claim what you want to create next!

Manifest Your Future!
Uranus is optimizing this full moon. It’s focused on the future and clearing the path. It wants freedom and flexibility. It’s helping you tune into intuitive downloads that are aligned with truth, and not fake information or untruths.  It reminds you to trust your inner guidance. Uranus is revolutionary and with this placement with the sun it’s providing a push towards your ultimate dreams. Uranus provides shocking changes, like suddenly permanently cutting something out of your life. It may feel unsettling. If this is happening, trust it’s taking place to advance you towards your goals. Use tools such as meditation, yoga, essential oils, breath work, exercise and spending time in nature to balance your energy and effortlessly navigate change.

The Universe is conspiring on your behalf to move you towards your ultimate goals. Uranus in Taurus and the Sun in Sagittarius are providing fresh eyes on the intentions you set six months ago with the Gemini New Moon. Revisit your intentions and see what you’ve accomplished. Where are you ready to take the next step?

Shifting Reality
On the Winter Solstice – December 21, 2020 we have some big players making a move. Both Saturn and Jupiter will move into Aquarius. The past year with these two planets along with Pluto have been grinding away at the systems and structures that don’t serve you. It’s been happening on a personal level and the world around you. It’s been heavy, dense energy, like trying to turn a ship around. It’s been very oppressive.  As Jupiter and Saturn step into Aquarius, there is a lightness and airiness, like taking a deep breath. These two planets in Aquarius usher in inspiration, fresh ideas and innovation. Aquarius is futuristic and opens the path towards possibilities. See where this is happening in your chart to optimize this transition. Jupiter will be here for about a year, while Saturn will linger for about 2.5 years.  What is cosmically moving within you on a deeper, soul-level? Set the stage for something amazing by understanding this powerful transit.

Review your astrology birth chart with transits to see where all of theses planets are influencing you. What astrology House does it fall in for you? How does that relate to inner prompting you’re noticing? What outward influences are providing insight?

Prepare for the New Year!

The end of the year is just around the corner. Take time to review the past and rewrite the future. Use the journal prompts and write about the lessons you’ve learned, celebrate the growth you’ve achieved and prepare for your next step.

What goals are coming to fruition with the Gemini Full Moon?

What will you do Release with the Gemini Full Moon?

What part of you are you Reclaiming?

Happy Full Moon!