On Saturday July 12, 2014 at 7:25am EDT (4:25am PDT) a Capricorn Full Moon occurs. Any Full Moon is a reminder to find balance between the opposing energies of the moon and the sun. The Capricorn Full Moon is opposite the Cancer Sun. It stirs up emotional wounds related to independence and dependence.
The Capricorn Full Moon reminds us to focus on our success in the world, duty, and obligation. This Full Moon reflects any imbalances such as where we may be working too much or too little, or cracks in our foundation. On the opposite spectrum, the Sun in Cancer reminds us to nurture ourselves and listen to our feelings, heart and soul.
Feelings are our guidance system. They are an indicator of how we really feel about situations, ourselves and other people. When feelings are suppressed or discounted it comes out in other areas of life. Look at your behavior and see if there are any indications you’re avoiding feelings. Emotional avoidance can be seen through addictive behaviors. Do you use food, shopping, exercise or work as an escape from your feelings? This avoidance causes us to stop listening to the soul.
With this Full Moon, it’s a good time to check in with your feelings related to security. Ask yourself:
What makes me feel safe and secure?
What do I value?
Do I feel valued at work?
How do I nurture my heart’s desires?

The Capricorn-Cancer axis represents the archetype of the Father (Capricorn) and Mother (Cancer). Capricorn encourages us to be grown up and responsible. It influences career, independence, finances, and how we make money. Think of it as the father taking care of the family’s outer needs. The Cancer Sun influences our home base, our roots, origin, and dependence on others. This is the mother caring for the family’s inner needs. This polarity reminds us to find balance between career and family life. This may come to light during the Full Moon or be reflected over the next two weeks.
The time from the Full Moon to the next New Moon is a time of release. What emotions are coming to the surface that are begging to be released? Remember the Full Moon is an external influence, so other people reflect issues within us that need to be resolved. These emotional triggers show up as people pushing our buttons and sudden burst of emotions that leave us wondering, “Where did that come from?”
Without going into blame and judgement, take note of these emotional outbursts as clues of what needs to be released for you. In honor of the Capricorn Full Moon we will be holding a live teleconference on
Thursday, July 10, 2014
9pm EDT (8pm CDT / 7pm MDT / 6pm PDT)

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During this class we will discuss the healing energies of the Capricorn Full Moon, and through a guided meditation, attune your Pineal Gland to new energy frequencies for deeper intuitive guidance. The class will be recorded if you’re unable to join us live.
The Full Moon may give you a surge of energy that propels you towards your goals, or you may feel wiped out and need time to rest. It’s wise to listen to your body so you’re allowing things to unfold versus forcing them. Learn to balance your sense of duty and responsibility with your emotional needs with the Capricorn Full Moon. And join us Thursday for an amazing Capricorn Full Moon Class!