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It’s the FINAL regular blog post here at New Moon Manifesting. It’s been an amazing adventure for the past 14 years writing blogs for the New and Full Moons, as well as providing the monthly New Moon Masterclass to support you in manifesting more.

I’m stepping away from this blog and monthly masterclass to open up space in my schedule for new projects.

I’m on a mission to empower women in manifesting their goals and dreams by helping them develop the business or projects that help them create the impact, income and life they want. As a former tax accountant and business analyst I saw the pitfalls many women experienced in business, success and money. I’m bringing these skills and energy healing tools to empower women with their ideas. Women know what their communities need and I know how to help them turn their ideas into income. And yes, I do use a bit of astrology to help women understand their unique purpose.

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The Capricorn New Moon/Super Moon is supporting you in Building something amazing and magnificent. There is a sense of rising up and energizing your ideas for this last new moon of the calendar year and leading us into a new energy in 2023. Capricorn initiates the beginning of winter as the Winter Solstice took place just prior to the Capricorn New Moon. Capricorn is serious (ruled by Saturn). It helps you get things done and takes care of business so that you make progress. You may be seeing a shift in ideas and inspiration to wrap up the year strong.

Capricorn helps you reflect on the past year and see what has been working and what needs to be adjusted. Since it’s the last earth house in the zodiac wheel, take time to assess your progress and what needs to be tweeked.

Each New Moon begins a new lunar cycle. It’s a perfect time for setting intentions or beginning new projects. To make the most of each new moon, review your astrology birth chart to discover where 1 degree of Capricorn is located in your chart. That way you set your goals based upon the “astrology house” Capricorn is falling in for you. There is a short tutorial video on this website that walks you through how pull a birth chart, with transits, so that you can maximize each cycle.


The Capricorn New Moon is  a Super moon, meaning the moon is physically closer to the earth. Being closer to the earth, the gravitational pull between the moon and earth intensifies. It may feel like a full moon because of this, which means the gravitational pull is affecting your psyche and emotions.

The Capricorn New Moon takes place on December 23, 2022 at 5:16 am ET (2:16 am PT). As an earth sign, Capricorn is grounding and practical. As the last earth sign of the astrology wheel, this new moon puts an emphasis on your career and the legacy you want to leave. Earth signs help you anchor your goals and manifest them into physical form. The Capricorn New Moon takes place at 1 degree of Capricorn. There is a powerful sense of new beginnings. Discover where 1 degree of Capricorn is located in your astrology birth chart to determine what astrology house it is in for you. This will help you align your New Moon intentions with the characteristics of the astrology house.

Capricorn relates to getting things in place or in order. It is authoritative and helps you reclaim your power. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – that inner authority planet. It helps you get clarity about where you’re at and what the next steps are so you make progress towards your goals. Capricorn is tenacious in taking the practical steps necessary to climb to the highest peak. It supports you in mastering yourself and helps you build what is most valuable to you.

new moon, manifesting, astrology, meditation, achieve your goals

new moon manifesting, manifest, astrology, goals, achieve your goals

Significant Support

There are 5 planets moving through Capricorn providing significant support in this area of your chart, and life. In addition to the sun and moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are also involved with your plans for Capricorn season. Venus and Mercury may be supporting you in tuning into the tasks that are most important to you to get the ball rolling. Pluto is wrapping up its almost 15 year cycle in Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn has been restructuring you financially, structurally, and your material world. Review how your life has changed with this massive transit. It’s been a profound time that has not only impacted you personally, but shifted how we view businesses, money, authority figures, and government. It has been helping you reclaim your personal power and take a stand on what’s important to you. There are hidden elements that have been brought to light as a result of this Pluto transit. People or situations of “power” have crumbled because they were not aligned with true power, but acting out of manipulation and force. Take time to review the lessons Pluto has brought you during the past 15 years.

Capricorn helps you reasses and align with your long-term goals and what you are working towards. It’s the place where you see how all your hard work has transformed you. You may be seeing profound shifts in your accomplishments and achievements. With 5 planets in Capricorn there is a powerful influence to focus on the elements related to the house or houses in your personal astrology chart. You will have insight into your long-term goals and next steps to achieve them.

Other Astrology Influences

Sun/Moon & Jupiter – are at a square. Although squares typically create frustration, this square may feel different. Jupiter has just moved back into Aries, providing a sense of new beginnings since Aries is the beginning of the astrology year. As Jupiter was retrograde, you may have felt like things were expanding then slowed down or stopped altogether. When planets go retrograde, there is an opportunity to re-assess the situation or ideas. Now that Jupiter is direct, the Sun and Moon are grounding your ideas and expansing them into physical form. You may finally see progress, feel like things are moving forward, and actually gain momentum.

Chiron & Mars – are at a supportive sextile helping you heal and re-write your story. Of course, there is always an ongoing narrative going on in our minds. With Mars retrograde in Gemini, there is an opportunity to review your thought patterns, habits and the stories you tell yourself. Chiron is shedding light on what is the truth and what you’re making up in your mind. It is providing a new perspective to help you re-write your story, seeing it from a new perspective. It may be helping you see how your mind has kept you locked in a mental prison and unable to manifest the life you want. Be mindful of what is coming up. Journal about your thoughts and what you’re feeling to gain perspective. Discover how to turn emotional pain into your personal power with this supportive sextile.

Mercury & Neptune – are at a supportive sextile. Mercury is preparing to go retrograde on December 29, 2022. During it’s retrograde period, it will be at a dancing with Neptune in Pisces, helping you “dream” a new reality. With both Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Mars retrograde in Gemini, there is a profound opportunity for a deeper understanding of yourself. With Neptune in the mix, there may be new insights and cosmic downloads that provide you with information, perspective and a new direction. Use this period of slowdown for reflection and gathering insight into what is most important to do and how it applies to your next steps and/or Divine purpose. By using this time and energy wisely, you may emerge in the spring as a completely different person. As your perceptions have shifted, you open up a to new realms of possibilities – just like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. Use the retrograde period to journal and dive deep into your psyche to discover hidden elements of yourself and what you feel empowered by to move you forward. Allow your intuition to be your guide, not only during meditation, but integrate divine wisdom into your everyday life to live in a guided state of flow.

New Moon Masterclass

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Raise Your Vibe!

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new moon manifesting, astrology, essential oils

pisces new moon manifesting, astrology, empowerment, personal growth
pisces new moon, essential oils, manifesting, spiritual growth

Capricorn helps you Build your ideas into your legacy.

Let go of how you used to do things, and embrace a new way of being.

Honor your ideas and have the courage to take steps towards them.

Happy Capricorn New Moon!

Wrapping Up

Again, it’s been such an honor to provide updates for the new and full moons, along with the masterclasses over the past 14 years. I’m looking forward to 2023 and all the amazing things coming for ALL of us! I hope you will continue to participate with us!

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Sending Loads of Love to YOU!


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