The Scorpio full moon takes us deep into illusions and stories we tell ourselves.
Scorpio pushes us to unplug from the old stories to write a new one. It may seem easier to continue operating from the old perspective, but this doesn’t take us any closer to our goals.
The Scorpio Full Moon
It takes place on April 22, 2016 at 1:24am EDT (April 21 10:24pm PDT). The full moon energy is raw and emotional. There may be a sense of restlessness and the unconscious desire to blame others. Full moons relate to external situations. The moon reflects whatever we need to address with us. Look at situations or people that are pushing your buttons. This will help you determine what needs attention and to be released.
The Scorpio – Taurus Axis
Every full moon reminds us to find balance between opposing forces. The Taurus-Scorpio polarity focuses on what is personal (Taurus) and what is shared (Scorpio). Taurus (sun) brings awareness to personal values, our senses, developing security, and our possessions. Scorpio (moon) brings awareness to shared resources, change, and transformation. There is a sense of mystery with Scorpio as she dives into the intangible aspects of life. The Scorpio moon reminds us to let go and flow with the process. In doing this we allow for growth and opportunities.
Questions to ponder with the Scorpio Full Moon
How do I overcome the shadow aspects of myself?
What do I need to transform?
How can I surrender more and resist less?
Scorpio Full Moon Ritual
Write down emotions, situations, beliefs, and people you wish to release with the full moon. With Scorpio being a water sign, using symbolic gestures related to water such as swimming or sitting under a waterfall. Breathe your Full Moon intentions into a stick or leaf — releasing it into a stream. Use essential oils such as cypress, white fir, or Juniper berry. Tree oils such as frankincense, white fir, cypress, and juniper berry help you feel more anchored and grounded.
Transform Your Money $tory
The Scorpio – Taurus energy is the perfect time to learn how to manifest more by learning how to overcome incorrect thoughts, false beliefs, and emotional wounds.
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