Aries Full Moon – Break Free

The Aries Full Moon provides a sense of liberation.  If you’ve ever felt like you wanted a fresh start or a mulligan (do over), the Aries Full Moon is providing it. Since Aries is the first zodiac sign of the astrological year, this full moon may feel like a reboot. You may have new inspiration and insight towards the goals you set six months ago with the Aries New Moon. You’ve grown and evolved so much since then, you may have new perspectives and ideas that help you break free of old patterns and situations. There have been profound cosmic shifts in the past six months that have helped you uplevel your game. Be open to what is transpiring. The full moon bring awareness to imbalances in your life so that you have the opportunity to heal and resolve them.

Each full moon is a culmination of energy, as it’s the peak of the lunar cycle. The Full Moon brings to light what needs your attention. It’s often a highly emotional time where your intuition may be intensified. Notice emotions that are coming to light and who or what is pushing your buttons. They are coming up for a reason and this is a tremendous opportunity for you to reclaim your power (Aries) and stick up for what you believe. Discover how the Aries Full Moon is specifically impacting you by reviewing your astrology birth chart, with transits to determine what astrology House Aries is in for you.

Break Free

The Aries Full Moon is empowering you to create something new or step into action. It’s helping you Break Free from old patterns and relationships that no longer serve you. It’s supporting you to take a step towards a fresh start. Be mindful of your emotions and reactions as these are clues into what needs your attention and support.

Since the Full Moon is about finding balance between opposing forces (the sun and moon), this  Full Moon helps you balance your personal needs (Aries) with the needs of close relationships or partnerships (Libra). The Aries Moon is helping you tune into what you need most – whether it’s better communication, setting healthy boundaries or letting go of relationships that no longer serve you, be mindful about what is coming to light and needs your attention.

The Aries Full Moon takes place on October 9, 2022 at 4:54 pm ET (1:54 pm PT). As a fire sign, Aries helps you tune into what is important to you. Fire signs help you take action – like having a difficult conversation or holding healthy boundaries. Something has been on your mind for a while, and Aries is giving you the courage to take action. The Full Moon provides an opportunity to find balance between your personal needs (Aries) and your close relationships or partnerships (Libra).

ARIES FULL MOON, astrology, manifest, manifesting, manifestation, new beginnings, full moon in aries
ARIES full moon, astrology, essential oils, manifest

A Fresh Start

There is a sense of breaking down the old walls (Saturn/Uranus square) so that something new can be built. The could be showing up in a big way in the area of your chart with Aries falls. The Aries energy is providing a gateway to accelerate your growth as we move into eclipse season later in October. Release anything that no longer serves you so that you are free to open up space for something amazing to come in. Trust the unknown and embrace uncertainty.

The Sun in Libra is traveling with Venus, helping you actively take steps towards what you want, value and love (Aries). Venus is aligning you with your personal needs and values. She is giving you the courage to live and express your truth. The Sun and Venus are helping you to strengthen relationships with people you trust and honor you. It’s important to share with trustworthy friends or partners what you are experiencing. These relationships provide reflection and new perspectives helping you personally grow.

The Moon in Aries is traveling with Chiron (retrograde). There may be a sensse of review of things you thought you have healed or opportunities to resolve them on a deeper level. This Full Moon may be presenting you new perspectives. Since relationships are a reflection of your inner world, take note at what others are showing you. This is a great time to have conversations that support your personal needs in regards to relationships. It’s an important Full Moon to take a breath and review core emotional wounds that you’ve been working through. You may have additional insight into what you need to do next to fully heal them.

Aries is helping you be more courageous and expressive. It supports you in being independent and honoring your unique gifts. Aries asks the question, “Who am I?” It supports you deeply in exploring where you’re at now and your vision for the future. You may have inspiration on how to get to the next step.


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Which essential oils will help you heal emotional wounds and feel more grounded for the Aries Full Moon?

Clove, Ginger and Cinnamon  help you strengthen your boundaries and stick to them. They create an energetic barrier over the Sacral and Solar Plexus energy centers, so that you are protected from other people taking your energy. There is a lovely blend from doTERRA called OnGuard which contains Clove and Cinnamon along with other yummy oils that support the immune system and protect your energy system. These oils also activate the “fire” energy, stimulating creativity so that you’re more active. Apply these oils over your Sacral Center and Solar Plexus for protection and to boost your immune system.

Looking to fire-up your creativity? Use citrus oils such as Wild Orange, doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss, Lemon or Bergamot. Citrus oils enhance your mood and support getting the creative juices flowing so you get going. Emotionally, Bergamot supports a healthy self-esteem and boosts confidence.

Looking for other natural solutions to support your health and wellness? Reach out for a wellness consult. During the wellness consultation we will help you get clarity about your health and wellness goals, as well as develop specific protocols and a plan to achieve them. You’ll leave the session feeling inspired and have a plan to move forward. If interested DM me on Instagram – @GoodVibeJana.

What oils are you inspired to use?

Astrology Support

Grand Cross in Air is taking place with the Sun/Venus in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars in Gemini. These planets are a supportive Trine with each other. Air signs bring in a flury of ideas and inspiration, moving your ideas forward. This Grand Cross is pointing it’s energy directly towards the moon and Chiron in Aries. It is supporting all the work you’ve done and the personal growth you’ve experienced. As you spiral upwards in your evolutions, this Full Moon is providing deep reflection and insight into next steps. You may noticing a clean slate that is allowing something new or a fresh start. Be mindful of what is taking place in your life to easily flow with these cosmic shifts.

Uranus and Saturn are completing their final square. This square has been on again off again for the past 18 months. It continues to breakdown old authoritative power structures (Saturn) to make room for a higher dimensional reality (Uranus). Uranus is the higher-mind of God. It is the rebellious spirit that pushes you to break free of self-imposed prisions such as limiting beliefs and fears. This square may intensely breakup old energy and patterns, providing a fresh perspective. You may be opening your eyes to new possibilities by the swift and sudden changes Uranus provides. Be mindful of transitions as gifts that are moving you in the right direction.

Pluto is wrapping up its time in Capricorn. This has been a LONG and sometimes agonizing road of breaking down old power struggles. You may be seeing this in your personal life or in society. Pluto goes direct in Capricorn on October 8th. It is at the last degrees of Capricorn and will move into Aquarius in spring 2023. Pluto in Cap is helping you reclaim your power, breakthrough power struggles and view power from a new perspective. Be mindful of what is taking place with power struggles in your personal life. Use the essential oil recommendations above to provide support in managing your energy and releasing other people’s energy from your field.

ARIES FULL MOON, astrology, manifest, manifesting, manifestation, new beginnings, full moon in aries

Mercury has moved direct in Virgo. In Virgo it wrapping up details and loose ends. In Virgo it may dive into details and the nitty-gritty elements of “words” and the meaning behind them. Be mindful to avoid being overly analytical. And use this time to enhance your communication. As Mercury soon moves back into Libra, you may feel more balance and equality in communication or at least helping you express what helps you feel equal.

aries full moon, astrology, manifest, manifestation, manifesting, goal setting, goal success, goal digger, full moon in aries journal prompts

ARIES FULL MOON, astrology, manifest, manifesting, manifestation, new beginnings, full moon in aries, essential oils, energy healing, law of attraction,

Notice where closure is taking place and a new door is opening.

Review emotions as the come up or times when you get triggered.

Tune into your desires to get clarity and take action!

What will you do Release with the Aries Full Moon?

What parts of you will you Reclaim?

Happy Aries Full Moon!