This week we have the opportunity to “Balance the Scales” as we enter the New Moon in Libra. Libra emphasizes love and relationships. It’s an important time to balance relationships, make peace with existing conflicts, improve negotiating skills, and seek love and beauty. The Libra New Moon occurs on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 2:14am EDT (11:14pm PDT Sept 23, 2014).
The Libra New Moon brings fresh and creative energy to our relationships. It teaches us to make peace with ourselves, people around us, and recognize the value of partnerships. This new moon could spark new love interests, create new business partnerships or breathe life into existing personal or business relationships. Libra supports balance, peace, prosperity, and justice for all.
Libra reminds us to find balance with our power. No longer do we need to control, dominate, or manipulate others to get what we want. This isn’t true power; it is force. To stand in our power we need to eliminate the need for these behaviors. As we learn to stand in our power and recognize true power comes from our higher-self, we remove ourselves from a huge paradigm that has plagued mankind for centuries. As we look to empower ourselves we become an example to others who have not yet learned the value of this principle.
Venus rules Libra which affects the Heart Chakra. The heart is the pivot point between heaven and earth. When the heart finds balance, peace and love reside. As we love ourselves, we naturally attract more love and kindness to us. And isn’t that ultimately what we have been seekings? As we practice fairness, kindness, love, we expand our vibration and allow ourselves to manifest all we desire.
Libra rules the 7th House – the House of Partnerships. With this house we move away from the self and turn toward our desire for relationships and partnerships. In a partnership more can be created. There is a synergy created as talents and skills are brought together for a common goal. Cooperation and partnerships help expand and expedite the purpose in life.
As we enter this new lunar cycle, we are here to help you manage the challenges you’re facing and help you manifesting more of what you want. We offer a FREE monthly New Moon calls. For the Libra New Moon it will be held on
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
9pm EDT / 8pm CDT / 7pm MDT / 6pm PDT

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During the call we will discuss the energy of the Libra New Moon, provide suggestions to enhance your ability to manifest your desires, and finish the call with a guided imagery meditation. The call will be recorded and available to listen if you’re unable to attend live.
Open your heart, find balance, notice beauty, feel love and enhance important relationships with the Libra New Moon. Join us on Tuesday for a live conference call.