The sun and moon join together for the Cancer New Moon.  This is the second Cancer New Moon this year. Each new moon is a time of initiation, and planting new seeds of intention. It’s a clean slate, and a time to begin new projects.  The moon stirs your emotions and reminds you to flow with nature’s rhythms and tides.

Cancer New Moon
This New Moon is helping you finalize intentions set with the last New Moon. Since it’s taking place at the later degrees of Cancer, it’s about completion. The sun and moon are being supportive. They are nurturing your intentions. They embrace the divine feminine characteristics of being receptive, and in flow. It’s asking you to tune into your inner wisdom and listen to your heart. What do you need to support you in creating emotional security?

This is a good new moon to do something to nurture yourself. Give yourself time to rejuvenate. Plan something that refuels your soul. This year has created a lot of emotional distress. It’s time for refuge.  It’s a good new moon to set intentions for yourself, your needs and consider what helps you feel emotionally secure.

The Cancer New Moon takes place on July 20, 2020 at 1:32 pm ET (10:32 am PT). Cancer helps you rest your weary head. It’s reminding you to take a break. As a water sign, it’s emotional and helping you sort out confusing emotions. Set healthy boundaries and honor your needs at this time.  Be receptive to people and resources that you draw to you now to help you heal.  Cancer is intuitive and provides a powerful time of introspection and determining the place you feel emotionally safe.

Other Planetary Influences 
At the time of the Cancer New Moon, the sun and moon are opposite Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is forcing you to keep plugging along. It’s relentless and exhausting. It’s important to look at where Capricorn is falling in your chart to see what area of your life Saturn is drilling down on. Saturn relates to rules and regulations. It’s those elements that have been holding you back. This will help you understand this final push for self awareness and where you feel restricted. Once the sun moves out of Cancer on July 22nd there will be a sense of release. The pressure will be lifted.

The week prior to the new moon, Pluto and Jupiter will be opposite of the sun in Capricorn. These planets are playing a number on restructuring your life. The sun is highlighting your personal power (Pluto)Jupiter (expansion) is helping you see how life is unfolding. These planets are reminding you of the emotional turmoil experienced during the first half of the year. Cancer is the mother energy. As you reflect on your life, it’s helping you move forward with the parts you love and leave the rest. Capricorn also represents resourcefulness and a restructuring of resources. Reflect on how this is influencing your inner world as the outer world is being restructured. The planets in Capricorn and the new moon in Cancer are helping you decide what you want to birth next.

Review your astrology birth chart and find out where these major changes are taking place. Look for patterns that give you insight into what you’re being called to do.  It provides a road map so you make the most of moving forward.

Tools for the Cancer New Moon

Essential oils work with your body’s chemistry to restore balance. They are an effective way to manage your physical body and emotions. What essential oils are you drawn to use for the New Moon?

Lavender & Myrrh – lavender is calming and soothing. It’s soothes your soul and calms your nervous system. Use it in a bath for it relaxation benefits. Myrrh is the “oil of Mother Earth.” It’s earthy smell is grounding and helps you connect with your roots. It enhances your relationship with the Divine Feminine within. Apply it on the bottom of your feet or before meditation to connect with your Divine Feminine wisdom.

Frankincense  – supports your brain health. It may help clear foggy thinking and support you in seeing things more clearly. It dispels illusion, helping you see the truth. As you open up to new possibilities, seeing options that you may have never considered.

Rose – helps you connect with your heart. It inspired compassion and kindness. It softens your heart to let go of emotional wounds and open to receive more love. It’s the oil of “unconditional love,” helping you focus on self-love and self-care.

Ylang Ylang – is uplifting and aligns you with your heart’s desires. It connects you with your childhood dreams. It’s nurturing and supportive. Creativity and optimism are expanding when using this oil.

What essential oils are you using for the Cancer New Moon? 

Journal with the Cancer New Moon
Since Cancer is emotional, journaling for the new moon provides perspective and insight. Writing is a powerful way to get your ideas, fears and emotions out on paper. Journal about whatever is most on your mind.  This new moon is a great one to visualize and dream a new reality. Dream big and let your imagination run wild. If 90 year old you looked back, how would you advise yourself to proceed now?

Act as If: With the Cancer New Moon let your imagination run wild.  Write about the next chapter of your life. Be descriptive and use all of your emotions to play it out in your mind. Be highly visual as you dream your future into reality. Let your mind wander and tune into all the crazy ideas that crop up. Write about them. What are you passionate about or inspired by?  Write about your New Moon goals and engage all of your senses “as if” you’ve already achieved it. Be creative and let your thoughts, words and emotions flow free with journaling.

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The Cancer New Moon helps you balance your emotional life.   
It’s a good time to establish your next step.

What area of your life is this New Moon influencing?

What intentions are you setting for the New Moon?

How will it support your goals?

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