This is the 2nd Aquarius New Moon in 2015.
It is rare that we have a two new moons in the same astrological sign. It is symbolic in the fact that we get to revisit what intentions we set with the last Aquarius New Moon and fine tune them.

The Aquarius New Moon occurs on February 18, 2015 at 6:47pm EST (3:47pm PST).
Get ready to expand your inventiveness with this optimistic new moon. You may be inspired to move in a different direction; doors may open up; pathways may light up; and new perspectives are possible.
This Aquarius Super Moon is exciting and expands our consciousness.
The focus is on expanding consciousness, envisioning the best version of ourselves, collaborating on projects, masterminding with like-minded people, and striving for equality for all. WOW! The possibilities are endless.
Some questions to think about with this new moon:
– Where can I focus my attention to expand my highest vision?
– How can I be more open to the bigger picture?
– Who can I collaborate with?
– Do I feel that I’m on the right path?
– What adjustments do I need to make?
Create empowering questions, mantras, or affirmations around these and other questions you may be asking yourself that relate to the characteristics of Aquarius.
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