Honor yourself this month and continue to create a strong self-love through
1) Set healthy boundaries – take back your power and create self love by setting and sticking to healthy boundaries

2) Clear and protect your chakras – especially the lower three. Take back your power you’ve given willingly or unwillingly to others. Visualize cutting cords between your lower three chakras where others have connected to you for survival, power, sexuality, and creativity. Then reconnect these chakras with God’s chakras and surround with God’s energy and unconditional love for protection.

3) Speak your truth – honor yourself by finding your voice and expressing your honest opinions

4) Honor your intuition – use your intuition and emotions with integrity and love to enhance yourself and assist others. As you honor these feminine qualities these gifts will grow.

5) Restore your faith – Use the Pisces healing waters to restore faith. Faith grows with use, and atrophies with dis-use. The Greek word for faith literally means “to put trust into.” Manifesting is a co-creative process. Learn to trust your Creator to assist you with healing, releasing, and manifesting all you want.
As fears, beliefs, and other non-supportive emotions crop up use affirmations to transform the programming to create what you want. It shifts your vibration until you’re vibrating at what you want. Here are a couple of affirmations that support the Pisces energy:
~ I allow the free flowing Pisces energy to imaginatively find solutions for my goals
~ I embody a true sense of compassion through insight and forgiveness
~ I allow the currents of life to flow deeply through me illuminating my path
~ I honor myself by speaking my truth
~ I am adaptable and surrender to the course of action designed by the Universe for me
~ I openly allow my intuitive abilities to flow to and through me
~ I honestly look at myself and the messages the Universe is sending me
~ I am open and receptive to allowing the deepest part of my soul and spirit to heal with the loving support of Pisces, Neptune, and Chiron

~I tap into my deepest resources by accepting myself for who I am and who I wish to become