Spring erupts into bloom with the Aries New Moon.  It’s the beginning of the astrological year, and it’s coming in with a bang! There’s a full line up of planets supporting you. Activating you on a deeper level. Each New Moon helps you step into and master yourself. It’s an opportunity to set new intentions for the new year and expand your vision of yourself and what goals you want to achieve this year.

The Aries New Moon is dynamic. It’s initiating something big and bold in your life. There are four planets and three other celestial elements in Aries that are activating you in a new way. It’s accelerating your progress and goals.  It’s asking you to lead with your heart and not your head. The Aries New Moon takes place on April 11, 2021 at 10:30 pm ET (7:30 pm PT).

As you set intentions for the Aries New Moon and New Year, write and speak about them as if you have already received them. For example, I’m so grateful that I now am being paid $xxx,xxx per year doing work I love. I feel valued and respected for my expertise. I’m so grateful that I now have relationships that are loving and compassionate, allowing me the space to grow. Stating it in the present tense tells your subconscious and the universe that this is somethting you already have, even if it isn’t here in physical form… yet.

Aries ctivates Y.O.U!  As the first sign in the zodiac, it’s deeply personal and all about what you want. It’s reminding you to realign your energy with what matters most. It encourages you to take back your energy and plug any energy leaks, by setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. This new moon is the starting point to what you want to grow during the year. You are literally seeding a new level of you.

What matters to you? First, journal about what you really want and why you want it. Next, create a vision board with pictures that represent what you want. Finally, create a strategic action plan to take the practical steps to achieve them. The more clear you are on your goals and prepared you are for this new moon, the more likely you’ll reach your goals. There is a powerhouse of planets supporting you too. They are all cheering you on, helping you step into whatever is calling you. What are you ready to step into? This new moon is highlighting a higher sense of self awareness and activating your consciousness on deeper levels. Venus is validating that “you are worth it.”  Use her loving guidance to feel that deep within your body. She’s reminding you to honor yourself and allow your deeply personal desires to be heard.

The line up is stellar!  Literally! The stellium of planets in Aries is enhancing Y.O.U!  They are encouraging you to tap into what you value most and where you want to go. Venus, the Sun and Moon are conjunct. Venus is leading the pack, helping you tune into what you love and value most. It’s at a square with Pluto in Capricorn.

There may be a sense of conflict in letting go of the old you and stepping into a new version. You may feel a sense of pressure around whether you will fall back into old patterns and your comfort zone, or embrace something unfamiliar – yet what you want. This may show up as doubt, fear, limiting beliefs (Pluto) because you’re doing something new to become different (Aries). Reflect on how far you’ve come and what has tranformed within you. Stepping into the new you will feel uncomfortable, just like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. Embrace uncertainty and stop fear from holding you back.

Use journaling or the journal prompts to determine what you want. Then once you set your Aries intentions, use them as a reference point throughout the year with each of the new moons. Manifesting requires that you let go of the old, embrace being uncomfortable and allow yourself to grow into what you want to create.

Mercury, Ceres (Goddess of Fertility), Chiron (the Wounded Warrior) and Eris (sister of Mars, Warrior Goddess of Discord) are pushing you to acknowledge the challenges you’re facing and transform them into your personal power. Eris is an Activist, she fights for social justice and aligning with natural law. Eris will dive in and fight, even when she believes the odds are against her. How is she showing up for you? These planetary influences are helping you recognize that challenges and growth are a part of the human experience. As you push through and focus on what you’ve mastered, you’ll be able to take the steps to continue moving forward. Reflection is key. When you give up, nothing changes. There’s no need to stay stuck in the victim mode, it’s time to liberate your mindset to reflect the “new you” that you are becoming.

The moon, sun and Venus are sextiling Jupiter in Aquarius. There’s a supportive feeling of stepping into the new you with confidence and seeing a bigger vision and version (Jupiter) of yourself than maybe you ever thought was possible. Jupiter is supporting you stepping into  independence and freedom. It’s pushing you to follow your own path and trust why you’re here.

Saturn in Aquarius is at a sextile to Mercury in Aries. There may be a sense of clarity about what you want or action steps to get you there. Mercury in Aries will take your ideas and move them into action. Stop getting stuck in the details and simply take the next right step. There’s no need to overthink the process or even know the whole staircase, simply take the step in front of you.

Aries is ruled by Mars, and Mars is in Gemini. In Gemini, Mars is quick thinking and active. Mars also at a sextile with the sun, moon and Venus. It may be inspiring you to multi-task, take on two projects (Gemini) or choose between two projects (Gemini). Mars in Gemini is also at a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. Providing a lovely activation (Mars) and expansion (Jupiter).

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Practice being mindful – shifting lower vibrating ones to higher thoughts, managing your emotions, breathing deeply and being present. These simple tools shift your awareness and raise your vibe.

Tune into messages related to your personal needs & desires.
Be receptive to what you want most.
You may not “know” how you’re going to get it, simply set the intentions.

What goals will you Seed with the Aries New Moon?

What parts of your power will you Reclaim?

Happy Aries New Moon!