The Taurus Full Moon is supporting you in breaking out of patterns and surrendering to a higher level of be-ing. Your senses will be heightened, and you’re reminded to slow down, finding beauty around you and nourishing your connection with the earth. Old programming may be surfacing related to self-worth, values and money.  It’s a good time to break out of routines and linear thinking to attract something new.

Personal Freedom
The Taurus Moon energy and Uranus in Taurus is helping you break free from personal limitations and patterns that smoother your growth. The Taurus Full Moon takes place on October 24, 2018 at 12:45 pm ET (9:45am PT).  Taurus, represented by the bull, which can be stubborn and unyielding. Taurus likes holding on, but Uranus supports breaking things up, including breaking up controlling situations or personal power struggles, so you have more freedom. Uranus shakes things up, creating independence. Taurus as an earth sign, helps you connect with the roots of what makes you happy. What is aesthetically pleasing to you? What personal limitations have you placed on yourself? What joyful activities stimulate your senses and soothe your soul? Making simple changes creates a ripple affect in your life. What music inspires you?  How can you move things around in your home to make it more comfortable? Engaging your senses and connecting with the earth will support the emotional side of the Taurus Moon. Stability and grounding are common themes with Taurus – spend time in nature, play in the garden, walk in the park, stop and smell the flowers, hike a mountain, swim in the ocean – do something to help you connect with the earth energy.

Balancing Earth & Water
The full moon takes place when the sun and moon are opposite each other, thus the sun is in one astrology sign and the moon in another one. This brings up issues around finding balance between the two signs. The full moon reflects emotions and patterns that need attention to be resolved. With this full moon, the earthy moon in Taurus looks to create stability and security. What helps you feel secure? Issues related to your personal value, self-worth, and how you relate to money may be coming to light. Opposite of that, the sun in the water sign Scorpio is transforming false perceptions and patterns that keep you feeling unworthy. It dives into the deep chasms of your psyche to unearth hidden emotional wounds that restrict your growth. It brings to light hidden agendas and false power. Scorpio also highlights hidden passions. It is highly intuitive and generous, helping you share your resources. It also is magnetic, helping you attract the right resources to take your goals to the next level. As you break free from power struggles, you learn to tap into true power of the 5th dimension, and manifest abundantly.

Coming to Light
The Full Moon is a reflective time to review what is coming to fruition with the seeds you planted six months ago with the New Moon. Pull out your Taurus New Moon goals and see what has transpired. What goals have you achieved? What is still in the works? What has changed since then (perceptions, attention, priorities)? Reconnect with what was important then and take it to the next level.

Grand Fixed Cross
Talk about some major upgrades, there are seven planets in fixed signs – the moon and Uranus in Taurus, the sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, and Mars in Aquarius. So what does that mean for you? Fixed signs help you dig deeper into your goals. They enhance determination, perseverance, and tenacity to reach it. With so much taking place in fixed signs, re-evaluate your commitments. It’s time to let go of control! Where are you fixated on your life moving in a particular way? How can you soften your responses? What routines can you tweek? What in your life is so regular or fixed that you don’t realize you’re doing it? The Fixed Cross is helping you see options and become more efficient.

Venus in Scorpio
Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. With the Libra New Moon you may have seen shifts within your relationships . With Venus retrograde in Scorpio and then into Libra, there may be issues related to what has been hidden regarding your personal power and rights. Scorpio brings to light issues with sexuality and sexual crimes. Venus brings to light control and power struggles in relationships. Since it is opposite of Uranus there may be shake ups that liberate and create freedom in how you relate to others. The Full Moon presents a prime opportunity to reclaim your power and speak your truth. You may be surprised f at the raw, emotional energy of this full moon and what it brings to light.

Tools for Taurus Full Moon
1) What do you value?
With this full moon take time to determine what YOU really value. It’s easy to adopt the values of other people. But this full moon is really about determining what you value. Taurus supports you in observing areas in your life where you are stuck in the status quo versus following what you really value. This is a time to re-evaluate and determine what do you really value. Then let go of things that distract or take you off course. It becomes easier to manifest when we work towards goals that you really value. Take some time to journal about what you love, value, and want to create more of in your world.
2) Essential Oil Recommendations
Essential oils are powerful tools to support the mind, body, and spirit. With the Taurus energy find oils that help you feel passionate and creative. Oils in the spice family such as cinnamon, clove, or patchouli inspire passion, blend those oils with citrus oils such as Bergamot, Wild Orange or Grapefruit to simulate creativity. Do you need to feel more grounded or stable? Use essential oils such as Frankincense and Siberian or Douglas Fir.
3) Connect with the Earth.
Since Taurus is an earth sign, connect with nature. Get out! Go hiking, do yoga, plant bulbs; do anything that helps you feel deeply linked to the earth. Taurus enhances your senses – cook a delicious meal, breathe fragrant essential oils, go to an art show/gallery, or make your home comfortable and pleasing.
4) Reclaim your creativity!
Since Taurus influences the 2nd chakra, be creative and honor your passions. Take time to journal and express what brings you joy and happiness. Think about how you can integrate your ideas into your everyday routine or several times a week to keep your 2nd chakra active and engaged.
5) Engage Your Senses
Honor yourself with the Full Moon in Taurus by taking care of yourself. Enjoy relaxing with a massage or reflexology session. Spend time in nature, get your feet on the ground. Take time to journal about emotions that are surfacing so you give a voice to what you’re feeling. This will help you in resolving these emotions and move past them. Use these journal prompts to help you get clear about what is surfacing with the full moon.

With the Taurus full moon, tune into your senses, break out of fixed ideas, water your dreams by softening the rigid parts of yourself, and find new ways to boost your income.

What are you willing to release with the Taurus Full Moon?

What are you ready to reclaim?