The Taurus Full Moon on October 27, 2015 at 8:05 am EDT (5:05 am PDT)
should be a more grounded, stable time than the chaotic, unsettling energy of the last full moon and lunar eclipse. The full moon represents an energetic peak; highlighting and shining it’s brilliance on whatever is coming full circle in your life.
The Taurus Full Moon
provides a rich, fertile, earthy support that reminds you to be resourceful, review your values, and what makes you feel secure. The full moon reflects what you value most, where your true wealth lies, and what sustains you. This full moon look at what you want to enhance, what you can let go, and what you really value.
Taurus reflects how you value yourself. Taurus rules our material resources, physical conditions, and money. It brings to light the progress of goals set with the Taurus new moon six months ago. What have you achieved since then, what needs to be tweeked? These are some of the questions you can ask with this full moon. The full moon can bring closure and completion to your Taurus new moon goals.
Smell the roses!
Taurus reminds us to enjoy beauty and savour life. You may be inspired to rearrange the furniture, throw a dinner party, or go out with family or friends. Embrace experiences that stimulate your senses. They may be heightened with this full moon. Follow where they lead you, stepping outside of your comfort zone. The moon reflects your needs, so honor them!
Taurus – Scorpio Axis
The moon in Taurus reminds you to honor yourself and what you value. This is opposing the sun in Scorpio, which reminds you to look deeply into anything that diminishes your self-worth. Scorpio supports you in letting go of anything that diminishes your self-worth. It may uncover issues related to buried beliefs around scarcity and the inability to show up fully in life. Scorpio asks probing questions that unearth deep seated fears.
Chakra Balancing
The Taurus energy is felt in the 2nd chakra and the Scorpio energy is associated with the throat chakra. Imbalances in the sacral chakra show up physically in the body as issues as low back pain, infertility, and bladder issues. The throat chakra is responsible for your ability to express yourself and surrend to your Divine Plan. Imbalances in the throat chakra show up physically as sore throat, coughing, and the need to clear the throat often. You can learn more about how to recognize imbalances and how to balance the chakras at
Full Moon and Emotions
The full moon stirs up hidden emotions, bringing to light whatever your higher-self believes you’re ready to address. Be mindful of your emotions and what other people are triggering within you. It’s a reminder to release and resolve these permanently.
Emotional Release
This week, I’m launching a new Emotional Release pilot program designed to create systems around releasing emotional wounds. I’m so thrilled about this! What better time to teach about releasing emotions than the full moon? The program will be available in January 2016 for purchase. This DIY program provides tools such as mindfulness exercises, meditations, tapping exercises, and essential oils, all combined in a workbook and podcasts for your convenience. This system is designed to release emotional wounds so you can get on with your life and manifest more.
In the mean time, create your own releasing rituals and find balance with the Taurus full moon by honoring the emotions that arise. Honor what you value most, making sure your values align with your soul’s desires; ultimately supporting whatever you’re passionate about, and personal power so you lead an empowered life!