Spring NewMoonManifesting.com
With the long introspective nights of winter behind us it’s time to welcome back spring! The spring equinox is a powerful time of birth and renewal. The leaves on trees are beginning to open and flowers are blooming. Rebirth is happening all around us.
It’s a great time to revisit your life. Ask yourself, “Where am I going through the motions and where am I truly present?” Through awareness, areas you are coasting will be enlightened and you’ll see what needs your attention. This simple exercise may bring the clarity needed to create positive changes.
Most important, be patient and honest with yourself; and above all express gratitude for everything in your life! Gratitude vibrates at a high rate – and since we live in a magnetic energy it helps us attract more of the good stuff (the God stuff) we want when we are grateful for what we have.
Celebrate spring by preparing the soil, planting new seeds, and allowing the sun to lighten your spirit. You may be amazed at what you harvest in the fall.