The Aquarius New Moon is inspiring and provocative. It stirs your soul and helps you reach for a new level of growth. Each new moon is a time of initiation, and planting new seeds of intention. It’s a clean slate, and a time to begin new projects.  The moon stirs your emotions and reminds you to flow with nature’s rhythms and tides.

Aquarius New Moon
The Aquarius New Moon takes place on January 24, 2020 at 4:41 pm ET (1:41 pm PT). As an air sign, Aquarius is innovative, creative and inspirational.  You may have downloads of new ideas, and a glimpse of the future. It is social and helps you find like minded people.  It helps you see your individual gifts and how they contribute to the whole. With Aquarius your ideas expand as you interact with like-minded people.  Aquarius is helping you breakthrough fears and limitations that hold you back from your highest expression.

Thoughts become things is the theme of Aquarius. The Aquarius New Moon many help you see how thoughts have kept you small. Aquarius is expansive and attunes you with your higher-self.  It’s helping you take your knowledge and wisdom to a whole new level.  Where Capricorn helps you become a master, Aquarius takes your mastery into the world to share. It brings you together with like-minded people who have a similar vision.  As you work with others a new energy is born that becomes greater than the individuals. With this Aquarius New Moon you may breakthrough past patterns and habits so that you create something different. What is unfolding for you?  Which Houses in your Astrology Chart does it influence?  Knowing this helps you activate yourself on deeper levels as you release patterns and align with your inner wisdom.

There is a sense of awakening with the Aquarius New Moon. Uranus in Taurus is at a square to the new moon, providing transformation. It is awakening you to the habits that restrict you – either known or unknown.  This may be revealing in the fact that you may break free from destructive habits such as addiction. You may have a “knowing” of you need to change or it may be a shocking revelation. This square is pushing you out of your comfort zone. Change is often uncomfortable, but necessary to reach the next step. With Uranus in Taurus, you’re being asked to review what you value, including how you value yourself. This square could be quite enlightening and revealing. Be open to what is awakening and shifting within you.

Aquarius and Uranus are helping you change so you manifest a new reality.
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Pluto & Saturn are still having a heavy influence on restructuring yourself and the world around you. It’s shaking out situations that are not aligned with integrity. With the Sun and Moon moving ahead of Pluto and Saturn, there may be a shift in perspective or insight into a new direction. It is propelling you forward. There may be a sense of breakthrough, although you may not have a full understanding of what this is yet, but it will reveal itself as the year progresses. It may be very different than you thought, so be flexible with this transition. Use your spiritual tools to stay balanced and grounded, amidst any chaos and confusion around you.

What do you want to create more of?
How have you changed?
How has your soul evolved?
What will you carry forward into the New Year and New Decade that will sustain your growth?
What are you willing to leave behind?
What structures have permanently changed?
What do you want to change?
Use these reflective questions to celebrate your success and strive for more!

Other Planetary Influences
Mercury in Aquarius is stimulating new ideas and breaking you free from old paradigms. It’s setting you up to play on a new stage. It’s highly creative and mentally stimulating. You may be inspired to create a new plan or get new projects started. Perhaps you’re expressing your ideas to others that further your goals. Watch that you’re grounding your ideas into physical form so you don’t short circuit your nervous system with the mental energies in Aquarius.

The Sun/Moon sextile Chiron in Aries two days prior to the new moon. There is a sense of renewal and understanding yourself better. You may get a glimpse of what you need to breakthrough and heal.  Chiron supports resolving emotional wounds. As you heal and grow it boosts your confidence and know yourself better. It’s preparing for your next level as you follow the guidance you’re receiving. What areas of your life are expanding? How has your confidence changed?

Review your astrology birth chart and find out where these major changes are taking place. Look for patterns that give you insight into what you’re being called to do.  It provides a road map so you make the most of moving forward.

Tools for the Aquarius New Moon

Essential oils are a powerful tool that support you in releasing emotional blocks, manage stress, open your heart and restore balance. What essential oils are you drawn to use for the New Moon?

Cedarwood – enhances connection with others and feeling a part of your community. It’s supportive and helps you see the joy in relationships. Apply over pulse points and heart to expand connection with others.

Black Pepper  – dispels illusion. It helps you to see where you’re sabotaging yourself or perpetuating the victim mentality.  Set your morning intentions by applying Black Pepper over your third eye or breathing black pepper repeating the mantra, “I see my truth.”

Lemon – enhances your ability to focus. It’s uplifting aroma helps you focus. It inspires creativity and seeing the bright side of life. It’s like opening a bottle of sunshine.  Apply on pulse points or diffuse during meditation or journaling for a boost of inspiration.

doTERRA Align Blend – the oils in this blend support you in aligning with your higher purpose and the people who will help you get there. This is my Oil of the Year (again)! I apply this on my wrists and over my heart, repeating the mantra, “I am aligned with everyone and everything that serves my highest good.”

What’s your Oil of the Year?  How do you see it supporting you?

Journal with the Aquarius New Moon
You may be filled with ideas and inspiration. Get them down on paper. Journal about them to engage your senses and expand your vision.  This new moon is a great on to visualize your highest perspective. Dream big and let your imagination run wild.

Act as if Journal: New Moon – write about your New Moon goals “as if” you’ve already achieved them. Engage your senses and emotions to get your creative juices flowing. Start reprogramming your mind with what you want to create. Join us for the Manifesting Abundance Course in January. One of the course activities is an “Act as If” Power Panel. During this Power Panel, you’ll have the opportunity to speak about your goal with our group as if it has already happened. Expressing your goals in this way is powerful and rewires your subconscious mind to align with your goals. Since the subconscious cannot reason, it believes what you’re saying to be true.

2020 is going to be a Magical Year for Manifesting! What are you ready to let into your life?  Use these journal prompts to help you gain clarity and expand your ideas.

2020 is going to be a Magical Year for Manifesting! What are you ready to let into your life?  Use these journal prompts to help you gain clarity and expand your ideas.

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The Aquarius New Moon is forward thinking and advancing you towards your goals.   
It provides a sense excitement and innovation.

What area of your life is this New Moon influencing?

What intentions or theme are you setting for the New Moon?

How will you stay aligned with your goals?

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