Earthy Energy
The Taurus Full Moon reminds us to get in touch with our creativity, fertility, and the abundance of the harvest. What seeds did you plant in the spring with the Taurus New Moon? What has come to fruition? This full moon reminds us to reflect on progress and celebrate success.
The Full Moon
This full moon is a Super Moon, which means it will be closer to the earth, causing a rise in the tides and stirring the emotions within us. The Taurus Super Moon takes place on November 4, 2017 at 1:22 am EST (Nov 3rd 10:22 pm PST). The full moon is a time of completion, culmination, and projects coming to an end. Where is this impacting you? Review your astrology chart and see what House this Full Moon is falling in for you.
Taurus – Heightened Sensitivity
This full moon reminds us to connect with the rhythms of the earth. It reminds us to be grateful for the basic securities such as clean water and fresh air. It supports is in healing the global woundedness by cleaning up the earth. This full moon may inspire coming together to inspire bigger and better possibilities in addressing issues related to supporting the healing of Mother Earth.
Taurus and Abundance
Taurus engages our senses, and helps us beautify our lives. Where do you want to bring more beauty into your life? What senses are being heightened? The Taurus Full Moon strengthens our ability to manifesting more. It supports us in anchoring our creative ideas in physical form and bring them to fruition. What area of your life do you want to manifest more? An attitude of gratitude raises your vibe and supports you in receiving more.
Intensity of the Full Moon
The Full Moon highlights what attachments we are still holding onto. It intensifies emotions, beliefs, fear, and patterns that need to be released. This Full Moon is a good time to release obstacles in our path that prevent abundance from flowing in. When we pay attention to the messages the moon lights up, we can resolve issues that limit our ability to manifesting what we want.
Balancing Act
The Full Moon is opposite the Sun causing us to find balance between the two astrology signs. The Moon reminds us to look at our emotions and soul self, while the Sun looks at the ego self. With this polarity we are pulled between the Taurus Moon which looks to the outer world and our most exposed self, while the Scorpio Sun looks inward, digging up the dirt from our emotional fields and intimate, hidden realms.
The polarity between holding on (Taurus) and letting go (Scorpio) is an ongoing issue. Taurus indulges in beauty, love and harmony as it is ruled by Venus. It is an earth element, and enjoys the good life. The Taurus Full Moon is a good time to reconnect with the body and earth. What do you love about your live? How can you create more of what you love into your life? What makes you feel loved? These are good questions to ask now.
The Scorpio Sun reminds us of what is necessary to understand and strengthen our connection to the Divine. With the Full Moon, Scorpio will be digging up issues related to relationships. This includes personal relationships, how we relate to money as well as attachments to the collective environment and outdated traditions. It’s a good time to let go of these fears and false perceptions, so your outer world mirrors the inner one.
Jupiter opposite the Moon
Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, is influencing us as it is in Scorpio for the next year. It’s stirring up deep transformation, and supports us in connect more deeply with hidden aspects of ourselves. It’s also shining it’s light to reveal secrets related to criminal actions. We are seeing this with recent sex scandals brought to the surface, and releasing hidden shame. As shame comes out of the closet, deep collective healing can finally take place. Join us for our next Good Vibe Oil Tribe class, right after the Scorpio New Moon, where we will talk specifically about essential oils to support this deep healing and support us as we restore sexual balance.
Growth and Spirituality
Jupiter in Scorpio is bringing new forms of spirituality and healing modalities to the surface. Maybe this isn’t something you’ve considered in the past, but as perceptions shift, it may be a great option. This may help you to break through old patterns and shift your programming. Since Jupiter is a 12 year cycle, you can look back to 2005 to see where you have been impacted by it. In pulling my birth chart, Jupiter in Scorpio is influencing my 4th house of “home and family”. In 2005, I moved into a new home. So where will I be moving to next? It’s a mystery that I’m looking forward to seeing what happens and how it unfolds! I’m looking forward to manifesting my “new home.”
Honor yourself with the Full Moon in Taurus by taking care of yourself. Enjoy relaxing with a massage or reflexology session. Spend time in nature, get your feet on the ground. Take time to journal about emotions that are surfacing so you give a voice to what you’re feeling. This will help you in resolving these emotions and move past them.
What will you reclaim and manifesting with the Taurus Full Moon?