The full moon is the peak of the lunar cycle. It stirs your emotions and enlivens your soul. It is a culmination of your dreams and desires with the intentions you set at the time of the new moon. This full moon is intensified because it is also a lunar eclipse.
The Aquarius Full Moon
The Aquarius full moon is opposite of the Leo sun. She is the water bearer, and brings light and wisdom to the forefront. She is the visionary, holding ideals that shape the future. She is insightful and innovative, breaking free from past paradigms to embrace something new. She brings in the feminine energy of inclusion and striving for equality for humanity. This full moon may be inspiring you to take action and pursue activities that support your community or groups of people that solve environment or social issues. Listen to your heart and see how you’re inspired to get involved.
The Lunar Eclipse
This full moon is magnified by the eclipse energy. The Aquarius Full Moon/Eclipse takes place on August 7, 2017 at 2:10 pm EDT (11:10 am PDT). The lunar eclipse is affected by the south node, which is the past. This reminds you to notice what is taking place or triggering your emotions. What are you ready to release? What memories are coming up? Observe what is taking place with the need to judge or control it. People from the past may pop up and remind you of how much you’ve grown. There is big opportunity for closure or things coming to an end.
Leo (Sun) – Aquarius (Moon) Axis
The Leo Sun is fun, lively, generous, energized, and confident. It encourages you to step towards your heart’s desires and let go of any of the Leo shadows such as arrogance and ego centered behavior. Embrace living your life with authenticity, light and love. In doing so you’re inspire others to live from this higher plane, which is what Aquarius encourages you to do. Aquarius brings about big ideas and being of service. During this time there may be scientific breakthroughs. It brings through the need to do things for others. This doesn’t need to be something formal, sometimes just listening to someone is all they need. How can you be of service with the full moon?
Six month window
Eclipses are a portal of deep healing, awakening, and transformation. Used wisely you can catapult your life in a new direction. They present a profound opportunity that lasts about six months. With the Aquarius influence, you may be inspired to be more compassionate and care more deeply for others – whether it’s your family, friends, co-workers or community, look at the role you play in contributing to society. You have a six month window to practice and perfect!
Going within
The full moon is a reflection of what is taking place within you. It is often easier to figure that out when you look at the behaviors and people around you that are annoying, irritating, or aggravating you. As a part of your spiritual maturity, develop a practice that is calming and soothing by going within. It’s a powerful tool to help you navigate difficult situations and doubts as they arise.
Aquarius Full Moon Suggestions

  • Find like minded people to associate with that support the changes you’re looking for within yourself and the world. Working with like minded people will inspire you in imaginable ways.
  • Release false perceptions around power, such as by taking power from others, and setting better boundaries.
  • Notice where your input is different than the collective conscious.
  • Use the fire energy of Leo to help release any old wounds related to standing in your power or speaking your truth.
  • Use this powerful Aquarius Full Moon/lunar eclipse to enhance expand your perceptions and reclaim your personal power. What are you willing to release? What are you ready to reclaim?